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$10bn infrastructure projects get go-ahead

September 2015

Kuwait has approved the construction of a series of power plants, desalination facilities and other infrastructure projects worth a total of around KD3 billion ($9.9 billion), said the Ministry of Finance.
The planned projects will add around 3,580 MW of capacity, as well as waste treatment and developments for the education ministry.

The ministry has yet to set a timescale for most of the initiatives, except for a sewage plant which it said will start by 2020. It added 50 per cent of the finance for the projects will be raised through stock market offerings.

Among the projects, Kuwait plans a second phase of the gas-fired Az Zour North power and desalinated water plant that has an initial capacity of 1,800 MW. It will also build Phase One of the Khairan power plant with 1,500 MW of capacity, which will use different types of fuel, and the Al Abdaliyah power plant with a capacity of 280 MW, of which 60 MW will be from solar energy while the rest will be fed by gas.

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