Saudi Arabia

Seeley completes mega AC order

May 2018

Seeley International says it has completed the world’s largest order for evaporative air-conditioners – of around 50,000 Breezair air-conditioners – which are being installed in the tent city of Mina Valley, Saudi Arabia.

According to the Australian firm’s group managing director Jon Seeley, the Breezair air-conditioners will provide state-of-the-art cooling for Haj pilgrims during their stay in Mina, where summer temperatures can easily reach more than 45 deg C. Mina features more than 100,000 tents and houses over a  20 sq km area to accommodate about three million people.

Breezair evaporative air-conditioners outperformed more than 200 other brands and delivered spectacular results against a comprehensive set of criteria that included energy-efficiency, reliability, performance and low environmental impact, according to Seeley.

Unlike refrigerated air-conditioning, the cool air by Breezair won’t dry out the skin, nose or eyes, he says.

Breezair air-conditioners feature the latest Mini-cell Chillcel pad technology, developed by Seeley. These pads are fully manufactured in Australia and specifically designed to maximise cooling in harsh climates.

Alsaeed HVAC is the company’s distributor in Saudi Arabia.

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