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Leigh ... continuous innovation.

Leigh ... continuous innovation.

Tremco innovates to spur growth

June 2018

Tremco-illbruck is looking to spearhead growth by pushing ahead with innovation and identifying new opportunities, according to Mark Leigh, the company’s new Middle East sales director.

Germany-headquartered Tremco-illbruck has strengthened its products line with heavy investment in hybrids, allowing it to meet the most demanding applications when it comes to construction sealants and adhesives, he tells Gulf Construction.

Hybrid polymers are developed and finished in Tremco’s technology centre for sealants and adhesives in Traunreut, Germany, where the company has expanded capacity to meet the increasing demand.

The manufacturer of high-performance sealing and bonding solutions has never ceased to innovate and has come up with high quality systems that are designed for the Middle East, says Leigh.

For instance, Tremco-illbruck has developed a special perimeter seal for windows and doors, which provides weather-tightness, thermal insulation and acoustic properties.

“The TP660 was designed specifically for the Gulf and can work in two ways. In winter, it can keep the warm air in, while in summer, it can help reduce the loss of cool air from overworked air-conditioning units,” says Leigh.

TP660 has a driving rain resistance of up to 600 pascals.

Additionally, Tremco-illbruck has introduced a range of acrylic tapes that can cope with the harsh Gulf climate. Some of these can be used internally and externally and have phenomenal performance characteristics, he says.

The recent spate of fire incidents in the region has highlighted the need for effective protective solutions. In this regard, Tremco-illbruck offers an extensive range of intumescent coatings under the Nullifire brand and fire-stopping products under the Firetherm brand.

“Both names are instantly recognisable and trusted solutions globally and I see this as a significant area for growth in the Gulf. We believe that we can provide solutions for structural steelwork, pipe penetrations, electrical outlets, linear joints and numerous other applications to help improve the safety of our buildings,” say Leigh.

Leigh says he is focusing on adding value for the customer by providing the right solutions and support and ensuring the company’s team is equipped with the best tools to succeed.

Commenting on Tremco’s performance, Leigh says, it’s been an “interesting” year for the company. “We experienced huge cost increases and raw material shortages but still managed to maintain our position globally as a leading construction solutions provider.”

He says diversity is one of the company’s key strengths and believes its sales, research and development (R&D), technical and other supporting departments are amongst the best in the world. The company’s external sales team is supported by the customer services, marketing and finance teams in Dubai.  

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