Reconstruction summit set for November

June 2018

Nearly 140 researchers and scholars from more than 29 countries will be in Bahrain this November to discuss reconstruction activities in Arab countries that have been affected by conflicts and wars.

To be held in the capital Manama, the eighth edition of the International Conference of London Center for Research and Consultancy will see these experts giving presentations and discussing papers on the topic, said Hafsa Al Ghareeb, the head of Cambridge Research and Training Centre.

Dr Al Ghareeb has played a major role in bringing the conference  to Bahrain. The event will be held under the theme “The Economic and Social Implications of Terrorism under Regional Developments and International Transformations.”

Dr Al Ghareeb said that she is currently co-ordinating with the London Center for Research and Consultancy, the event organiser, for the successful hosting of the summit in November.

The conference, which is scheduled to hold its sessions over three days, will continue to implement the recommendations through its Secretariat General to communicate with the decision-makers. The papers presented at the conference will also be published  in a research magazine of the centre.

Based in London, the centre organises international scientific conferences focused on Arab issues with the participation of elite Arab researchers.

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