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The V3009 roller door from Hormann ... specifically designed for conveyor systems.

The V3009 roller door from Hormann ... specifically designed for conveyor systems.

Hormann launches doors for conveyor systems

July 2018

The Hormann Group, a leading provider of a wide range of doors and gates based in Germany, has introduced Type V3009, a high-speed roller door with a flexible curtain, designed for a high number of automated opening and closing cycles. 

Type V3009 can be fitted between the operating sections and the storage areas within a conveyor system. Due to the low lateral space requirements, this door is specifically designed for integration in conveyor systems and their frequent automated opening and closing cycles, states Hormann.

The door control can be integrated in existing PLC (programmable logic control) systems. A volt-free contact reports the door position (open/closed) to the control.

Darius Khanloo, the managing director of Hormann Middle East, says: “Our high-speed doors are up to 20 times faster than conventional industrial doors, which is why the intelligent operator and control technology is designed for reliable continuous operation.

“Type V3009 is suitable for interior application. Its width and height are up to 3,500 mm and 3,500 mm respectively. and the opening and closing time is 0.8 m/s.”

The door uses aluminium curtains, available in a variety of colours.

Meanwhile, for warehouses, Hormann has upgraded its Dobo system, which now allows increased security and reduced heat loss through the loading bay doors when trucks dock.  “With this system, the lorry doors are only opened shortly before loading. The semi-trailer can remain docked to the loading bay unattended, for example, overnight. It also provides safety for drivers: they can dock completely without exiting the vehicle, preventing them from entering the zone between the vehicle and the ramp,” says Khanloo.  

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