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Al Rajhi Bank headquarters in Riyadh ... FSI Middle East is supplying CAFM.

Al Rajhi Bank headquarters in Riyadh ... FSI Middle East is supplying CAFM.

FSI to provide FM software to bank

August 2018

FSI Middle East, a leading facilities management solutions software provider in the region, has been appointed to supply and deliver computerised automated facilities management (CAFM) software to Al Rajhi Bank located in Saudi Arabia.

The solution will include providing Concept Evolution CAFM and FSI Go Workforce Mobility systems for both Rajhi Bank’s headquarters and its operations buildings based in Riyadh.

FSI will be responsible for supplying the software to provide Al Rajhi Bank with a centralised helpdesk that can manage reactive maintenance calls, from logging a call all the way through to completion, as well as a centralised asset management system which will allow the bank to register all its assets and conduct planned preventative maintenance (PPM) effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, the CAFM system will allow the bank to manage its subcontractors key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreement (SLAs) through assessments of subcontractors on its overall scope of works as well as specific elements of delivered maintenance and services.

FSI’s Workforce Mobility will also enable Rajhi Bank to efficiently issue tasks from a the centralised CAFM system to its respective supervisors to avoid paper trails, and to accurately record SLA timings, pictures and other factors throughout the lifecycle of a task. The information will automatically feed back to the CAFM system allowing live reporting to be accessed online through the system. 

“In the future, Al Rajhi Bank intends to integrate Concept Evolution with their Oracle ERP system, which will allow them to bridge the gap between operations and back of office accounting,” explains Saber Nias, business development manager of FSI Middle East.

“Additionally, they would also like to integrate Concept Evolution with their BMS (building management system) to provide them with automatic task generation within Concept Evolution based on the BMS’s runtime monitoring and warnings. For example, when the BMS system reads a runtime on an asset, it will send the data to Concept Evolution what in turn will create a task to conduct maintenance work,” Nias adds.

“We are very excited to be working with Al Rajhi Bank and to be providing them with the region’s leading facilities management software technology and support,” concludes Nias. 

FSI (FM Solutions) has been developing, designing and implementing CAFM software solutions since 1990. Its range of Concept systems are widely recognised market leaders in CAFM solutions and FSI is noted for innovation with the marketplace. The heart of each Concept system is the Asset Register, which together with comprehensive planned maintenance and helpdesk/breakdown management functions, is the key to providing complete control of all facilities service providers and task types from within one system.

The operational benefits of FSI’s management platforms are realised across many industry sectors. Its clients include real estate developers, asset management companies, hotels, resorts, airports, hospitals, oil and gas companies, insurance companies, manufacturers, banks, governmental bodies and facility management service providers.  

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