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New mood lighting is inspired by eclipses

August 2018

A uniquely designed and crafted range of mood lighting, using patented technologies, will be launched in the Gulf and then worldwide in late summer, the company behind the launch says.

Inspired by eclipses of the moon and the rising and setting of the sun and moon, it promises to be mesmerising and mood changing, claim its designers The Theatre of Light, based in the UK, according to Steve Parker of ICD International Company Development, which is launching the product.

Parker, international business development manager, says: “When you watch an eclipse or the rise and setting of the sun and moon, the atmosphere around you changes and often leads to moments of tranquillity.

“Imagine having a light that opens and closes serenely, to create the levels of light that you need, or the mood of you and your guests. Imagine too, having lighting that can be constantly fascinating to watch, yet entirely practical to control, without leaving your seat?”

Ian Martin, designer and director of The Theme of Light, adds: “Following years of development and testing, we are delighted to be able to launch ‘Eclipse’ in the Gulf and are looking forward to hearing the reactions of interior designers and private clients, who seek something fascinating, yet simply practical for their superior hotels, restaurants and residences.”

Parker continues: “We have tried to show the design features and how they create different atmospheres in a 78-second video, that is available prior to the launch in late summer and we welcome enquiries.”

“This is planned to be the start of a wider range of free-standing and ceiling-mounted lighting, all carefully designed and made in the UK,” he adds.  

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