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Sheikh Aziz mosque ... balancing tradition and modernity using Corian surfaces.

Sheikh Aziz mosque ... balancing tradition and modernity using Corian surfaces.

Asico blends old and new at mosque in Sehla

September 2018

Asico Group, a leading player in fabrication and distribution of solid surface works in Bahrain, said it has completed the work on a mosque in the Sehla area of the kingdom based on a traditional plan while using Corian, a brand of solid surface material created by DuPont.

The Sheikh Aziz mosque paves way for new mosque architecture by balancing tradition and modernity with Corian solid surface, said Asico.

 Designed by Sheik Mohsin Al Asfoori, the building’s architecture embraces high-performance materials such as Corian Solid Surface for the exterior façade as well as the interior cladding and furnishings, said a company official.

“The mosque features one dome and two round minarets which, along with the exterior walls, have been cladded with Corian Exteriors panels based on Corian Solid Surface in the Glacier White and Dusk colours,” he explained.

“Two contrasting colours have been used to create decorative Islamic patterns, an intricate combination of geometric motifs, arabesque and calligraphic inscriptions that covers the overall exterior cladding,” he added.

He pointed out that about 400 sheets of Corian Exteriors panels have been utilised to create the large mosque exterior cladding “and the result is homogenous decorative surfaces with no visible joints between the panels of Corian Solid Surface”.

The large dome covering the prayer hall is made with perforated Corian (Glacier White and Aztec Gold colours).

“The ornamented vaulting features geometric patterns that let the daylight filter in through the roof,” he noted. “The first floor passageway just beneath the dome is framed by perforated and engraved panels of Corian. The overall effect of these intricate and complex decorations,  could be achieved using the CNC technology.”  

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