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$490m earmarked for Tabuk water projects

September 2018

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to spend around $490 million towards development of major water projects in the Tabuk region of the kingdom, said a report.

 Tabuk has witnessed many achievements in the water sector in the past 12 months, including expansion of potable water and wastewater networks in different governorates of the region, reported Arab News.

Among the most important were three new projects for drinking water and wastewater in Tayma, at a cost of SR26.2 million ($6.9 million), which were recently inaugurated by Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the governor of Tabuk region.

 He also laid the cornerstone for three other projects worth SR15.696 million. Water networks now cover 100 per cent, and sewerage networks cover 84 per cent of the populated areas. The surface covered by drinking water networks has reached more than 3,500 km and the length of sewerage networks more than 1,300 km.

 The director-general of the General Water Services Department in Tabuk, Saleh bin Khalaf Al Sharari, told the Saudi Press Agency that the networks have reached 71,000 water connections and 38,000 sewage connections, bringing the coverage rate to 97 per cent for drinking water and 82 per cent for wastewater, said the report.

The Public Administration of Water Services in Tabuk has received 40 projects at a cost of SR815 million and signed 29 contracts for water and sanitation projects in the region at a cost of SR555 million, as well as a four contracts for dams at a cost of SR63 million, it added.  

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