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De Ambrosis Vigna ... seeking the best products.

De Ambrosis Vigna ... seeking the best products.

Group gears up for market challenges

September 2018

Khalifa A Algosaibi Investments of Saudi Arabia has completed a major management shuffle and appointed a new CEO, as well as drawn up a new growth strategy to stay on top of its game.

The well-diversified group is active in many segments, including building chemicals, trading, marine, logistics, aerospace assistance, and catering, and is now looking at further expanding its capabilities.

Its latest initiative is to develop what is expected to be the largest foundry in Saudi Arabia. Khalifa A Algosaibi Investments has a majority stake in the foundry, which is slated to be operational next year and will be able to meet the demands of the market, Giovanni De Ambrosis Vigna, group head of marketing, told Gulf Construction.

Also, a new company will be set by the year-end to deal with cladding, piping, cathodic protection and skid construction.

The group has also launched a highly specialised manpower supply division, as well as a division that designs and supplies labour camps – possibly even on turnkey basis with its catering firm AGS.

Other projects will also be initiated in the coming months, he added.

According to De Ambrosis Vigna, the recent success that the group has enjoyed and the global economic conditions over the past decade had necessitated a radical change in its business management.

“The Algosaibi family, therefore, decided to structure the development of its activities to support the growth of the companies under its umbrella. It has appointed Ugo Vincenzini as CEO, who has taken over the management of the entire group,” he said.

Vincenzini, in turn, has appointed new general managers for the group’s member companies.

The group now enfolds solid and well-managed companies. “These companies will be contributing to the further growth and development of the business since there are many investments and new activities planned,” he added.

Outlining some of Khalifa A Algosaibi Investments’ companies that have been further developed, De Ambrosis Vigna said, CMCI, AVI and Tecon are three firms that deal with building chemicals materials. These companies have undergone a great transformation process, managed by Jamal Amrar, who has been able to develop new lines of business to increase turnover and profits. A highlight of these new developments is the creation of the ‘Supra’ brand.

The Trading Division, ably managed by David Cantrell over a number of years, has gained a reputation for its prompt response to the needs of the market, he remarked.

Also, AGS, a leading catering company in the Saudi market now under the leadership of its new general manager Fadi Saneh, has recently seen a boost in its business by bringing in new skills and new ideas.

“Similarly, the group’s other companies that cater to marine, logistics and aerospace services all contribute to the development of the business in an exemplary way,” De Ambrosis Vigna added.

He believes that Khalifa A Algosaibi Investments is now well-positioned to take on the challenges of the market. “We are aware of the difficult but interesting and exciting challenges that tomorrow bodes, in a market that changes day by day. This, therefore, requires dynamic and flexible companies, like those of our group which, among other things, are linked to each other.”

He added that the different companies of the group draw on the skills of each other and its managers engage in brainstorming to find solutions to various problems.

Khalifa A Algosaibi Investments is actively looking at addressing the various needs of the market. Towards this end, it has started a series of collaborations with international groups that will allow it to respond to all customer requirements and requests and provide them with maximum support.

“In the region, we are a highly specialised group with a long history and a good reputation. Our products and services reflect global standards, and this obliges us to undertake continuous improvements by seeking out the best products and services – ones that will help us stand tall among our competitors and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty,” he concluded.  

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