The Cobra 290R impact crusher ... designed for demanding applications.

The Cobra 290R impact crusher ... designed for demanding applications.

Compact Cobra ‘punches way above its weight’

With a throughput potential of 290 tonnes per hour (tph), the new Cobra from EvoQuip can be ready for crushing jobs in minutes.

November 2018

Building on the success of the Cobra 230, EvoQuip has launched the Cobra 290R compact impact crusher as the perfect solution for onsite recycling in urban areas and can easily be transported from job to job.

Ready to crush in minutes as a result of ground level set-up and intuitive two-button start-up sequence, the Cobra 290 is a versatile and easy-to-use impact crusher that can operate in the most demanding of applications including reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, construction and dem-olition waste, coal and natural rock, says a spokesman for EvoQuip, a Terex brand.

With a throughput potential of up to 290 tonnes per hour (tph) depending on feed material and apron setting, the Cobra 290 uses a 315 hp Volvo engine to power the fuel-efficient and high-performing direct drive system and has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the compact crushing sector, he says.

Cobra 290R ... easily transported from job to job.

Cobra 290R ... easily transported from job to job.

At the heart of the Cobra 290 is the Terex CR055 impact crusher with a rotor size of 1,000 mm by 1,034 mm. This impactor has been developed using proven components and technology from some of the larger impactors within the Terex range.

Like the Cobra 230 crusher, the Cobra 290 has two independent hydraulic-controlled aprons, which allow the operator to optimise the material throughput and reduction. The patented hydraulic overload protection system used not only protects the crusher in the event of an uncrushable piece entering the chamber but it also minimises apron bounce and reduces the amount of over-size material passing.

The tip speed of the rotor can be varied depending on the application and product requirements. Throughout the crushing process, the Cobra 290 constantly monitors the engine load and automatically regulates the feeder speed as required.

Below the impact crusher, the customer can choose between the full-length conveyor design and the vibrating underpan feeder, which offers complete belt protection in heavy-duty recycling applications.

The excellent clearance from the rotor to the belt; the short distance from the crusher outlet to the magnet, and the ability to hydraulically raise and lower the conveyor all ensure optimal material flow through the machine.

“The Cobra 290 was designed with the operator in mind in terms of ease of use and serviceability with ground level access to the engine, hydraulics, service and refueling points,” says the spokesman.

This is further enhanced with features such as the hinged radiator pack, hinged diesel tank and product conveyor that can be removed quickly for major maintenance. In addition, the operator has the ability to move the machine using the remote control from the excavator cab. This can be done without shutting down the crusher.

There is an option for a single-deck afterscreen system, allowing to incorporate an aggressive 2.74 m by 1.5 m screen. The ability to quickly detach the complete afterscreen system, including the oversize conveyor, provides the customer the option of running the machine in standard mode or to transport it separately. It is possible to purchase and retrofit this option at a later date, the spokesman points out.

The Cobra 290 has been working in a limestone application at Trotters Quarry in Ireland and has surpassed expectations, according to Richard Trotter, the managing director of the quarry.

“Don’t be deceived by size as while the machine itself is compact in size, it punches way above its weight and I was really impressed with output,” he says.

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