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Ceresit CN69 ... for smooth floor surfaces.

Ceresit CN69 ... for smooth floor surfaces.

Henkel’s Ceresit CN69 to meet market demand

December 2018

Henkel, a pioneer in the field of adhesives, is offering its Ceresit CN69 as the perfect choice in self-levelling compounds to meet the surging demand for quality floor covering and finishing products in the region.

With rapid urbanisation in the GCC, the region is pushing for high standards in construction right from the design to finishing of projects. It, therefore, is imperative to choose the correct solution for all aspects of a project.  For example, with flooring products, the perfect preparation of the surface will ensure the best homogeneous finish of the floor covering, said Juliana Herrera, brand manager for Henkel.

“Levelling compounds are often needed to level out very rugged, uneven substrates or floors with a significant slope, or for smoothing over uneven substrate surfaces to prevent unsightly irregularities of the substrate showing through the final floor covering. This is where Ceresit CN69 is the perfect choice,” she said.

Ceresit CN69 is a polymer-modified cement/gypsum combination self-levelling compound suitable for concrete, cement-sand screed and other mineral bases to create smooth surfaces that are resistant to concentrated loads and to provide excellent crack resistance.

“The compound is a state-of-art polymeric binder combined with different active ingredients, thus achieving fast application, optimal flowability and durability and compatibility with many different types of top floor coverings, such as ceramic tiles, textile, PVC and linoleum as well as rubber coverings. This unique combination ensures perfectly smooth surfaces and long-term reliable results,” Herrera explained.

The material is recommended for dry indoor areas – being also suitable for heated floors – and might be applied on substrates that are clean, crack-free, sound, dry, and free of substances that may impair adhesion. The surface may be primed with Ceresit R 777 Primer, if necessary.

Ceresit CN69 must be mixed with clean, clear water and stirred with an electric drill and agitator attachment at approximately 600 rpm until the mixture is completely free of lumps, in order to guarantee a smooth surface. This mixture should be poured on the floor and spread with a broom, smoothing trowel or squeegee.  A spiked roller should be used later to release any entrapped air, to ensure a final homogenous application of the self-levelling compound.

The compound’s strength has been tested according to ASTM C 580-98 and ASTM C 579-01.

Ceresit CN69 is part of a complete flooring system from the international Ceresit brand that also comprises primers, substrate repairs, other levelling compounds and bonding/fixing adhesives for various types of floor coverings.

Ceresit’s success is underpinned by Henkel’s key values of quality, technical expertise, sustainability and innovation, which allow it to best serve its clients. “This is how Ceresit meets the demands of the construction industry and professional craftsmen worldwide, and sets the highest standards,” said Herrera.

Germany-headquartered Henkel’s extensive research and development generates a constant flow of innovative products and system solutions based on new technologies. “Being more than just technical innovations, our products and technologies provide our professional users with tangible added value. And since their needs are subject to constant change, we always stay close to the market. As a result, we base our activities on a research-and-development approach, whereby experienced chemists and engineers translate all pertinent market research findings into customised products that make hands-on work easier, faster and healthier,” she said.

Henkel was founded over 140 years ago by Fritz Henkel. It is now present worldwide via strong brands such as Ceresit, Pattex and Polybit, in the field of building construction.  

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