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The AquaClean Sela WC ... fits into any bathroom.

The AquaClean Sela WC ... fits into any bathroom.

Geberit unveils its 2019 portfolio for region

May 2019

Geberit’s Gulf regional office last month unveiled a raft of new products for 2019 at the W Hotel Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE, to an audience of architects, designers, specifiers and industry leaders. 

Among the innovations were aesthetic actuator plates, elegant shower toilets, modern-look bathroom furniture, odour extraction modules and efficient drainage systems that save on space.

The 125-year-old Swiss sanitation supplier complemented its installation, flushing and piping systems with a new range of products for both ‘front of the wall’ and ‘behind the wall’ segments.



Geberit has further refined the popular actuator plate Sigma50. Keeping with the trend for clean, uncluttered design, the new stripped-down design of the Sigma50 actuator plate gives it a contemporary, on-trend look. High-quality materials blend in perfectly in  modern bathrooms.

Minor adjustments to the dimensioning of the two raised, curved ergonomic buttons for activating the dual flush lead to light reflections that give the Sigma50 an even lighter appearance.

“The actuator plate itself is frameless and available in different colours and materials, the latter ranging from glass, plastic and metal right through to slate. The actuator plate can be optionally equipped with the Geberit DuoFresh module for extracting odours,” says Gabriel Nasser, managing director of Geberit representative Gulf office. It can also be integrated with a night light and an insert for in-cistern sticks.



The DuoFresh module is Geberit’s efficient solution for the vexing problem of unpleasant odours in the toilet.

Air is directly extracted from the WC through the same pipe through which flush water enters the toilet. A proximity sensor detects when someone sits down on the toilet and automatically switches on the odour extraction. The module’s electronics, including its fan and filter, need a specialist installer. The plate can be pushed to the side with a flick for easy access to the ceramic honeycomb filter, which has to be periodically replaced.  An LED orientation light behind the actuator plate offers a convenient indirect light for a night time trip to the toilet.  The new DuoFresh module can be installed in all concealed cisterns from the Sigma range.  Provided there is a mains connection, the module can also be retrofitted in most Geberit concealed cisterns that have been installed in the last 10 years.  The only requirement is a connection to the 230 V power supply system.



Launched early this year, the radically revamped Smyle bathroom series now has an even more delicate and modern look. The design of the washbasins and furniture is coordinated in such a way that individual combinations are possible.

“The most striking change is the new design of the furniture, which was adapted to the form of the ceramic sanitary appliances as part of the facelift,” says Nassar.

The handles now mirror the contour of the washbasins in terms of their ornate lines and continue their design language. Handles have a slimmer profile with rounded edges in the same colour as the furniture – in keeping with the trend for receding handles. Washbasins have narrow rims, functional inner basins and generous shelf surfaces at the rear. 

“The slightly rounded edges on the handles – which represent a seamless transition from the washbasin to the cabinet – are new,” says Nassar. “The handles form a unified whole with the narrow rims on the ceramic sanitary appliances. Creative freedom was particularly important to us, and we achieved this by offering diverse combination possibilities.”

The new wall-hung WC is square and slimmer, to coordinate with other elements in the series. A shrouded outer shape makes it easier to clean, and seats can be easily removed for cleaning via QuickRelease hinges.


AquaClean Sela

Created by designer Christoph Behling, the new AquaClean Sela is the latest addition to the Geberit AquaClean product range. The minimal design makes it easy to be integrated into almost any bathroom. Its unique WhirlSpray shower technology enables pleasant and thorough cleaning with low water consumption. Its recently optimised flush technology allows thorough yet quiet flushing without any disruptive noises – which is useful at night. A subtle orientation light is just bright enough for the night. With its rimless WC ceramic, the Geberit AquaClean Sela ensures perfect hygiene and makes cleaning much easier, Nasser remarks.

As with all Geberit shower toilets, the AquaClean Sela functions can also be conveniently controlled via smartphone with the Geberit app, to record personal settings. 


SuperTube technology

Ventilation pipes in drainage systems in high-rise buildings take up a great deal of space. Geberit’s new SuperTube technology does away entirely with ventilation pipes, so pipes can have smaller diameters, without impacting discharge capacity.

A continuous column of air is key for efficient drainage systems in high-rise buildings. SuperTube technology has the Geberit Sovent fitting and two flow-optimised bends to create a continuous column of air, so ventilation pipes are made obsolete.

“The Geberit PE Sovent fitting causes the waste water to rotate and, in doing so, generates a continuous column of air. This increases the discharge capacity while at the same time having relatively small pipe dimensions,” comments Nassar. “Normally when there is a change in direction, this column of air collapses and ventilation pipes are necessary. With our two new bends – the Geberit PE BottomTurn bend and the Geberit PE BackFlip bend – we have now rectified this problem. Both new bends ensure that the column of air is maintained even when there is a change in direction and that ventilation pipes can be dispensed with.”

The integrated flow divider in the Geberit PE BottomTurn bend ensures that the annular flow in the stack is converted into a layered flow before the change in direction. The air column thus remains stable in the horizontal line. At the end of the horizontal pipe, the Geberit PE BackFlip bend with its special design swirls the waste water, guiding it back into an annular flow once again without disrupting the air column.

In the ceiling, horizontal pipes of up to 6 m can now be installed continuously without a slope when connecting to the collector pipe. This means the ceiling suspension can be attached very close to the concrete ceiling, while the system achieves a high discharge rate of up to 12 litres per second. A further advantage for sanitary engineers is the reduced complexity when planning a continuous pipeline.

Plumbers also benefit with the omission of the ventilation pipe and the use of smaller pipe dimensions; they require less pipe material and make speedier progress on site. Fewer pipes and fittings are required, translating to reduced building costs. It also decreases the amount of shaft space needed, yielding more usable space below the ceiling.

Headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, Geberit Group is a leader in the field of sanitary products.  

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