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DEC to become global events hub

May 2019

The Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC) at the Expo 2020 site will open for business on October 20, 2020, offering a meeting hub for the Expo and a major legacy asset for the UAE.

 A new 3D animated fly-through shows a world-class venue comprising 45,000 sq m of space spread across two campuses, housing a theatre, auditorium, several multi-purpose halls, four suites and 24 meeting rooms, customisable to all event needs, including large indoor concerts.

 Co-located at the Expo 2020 site, the DEC forms a key part of Expo 2020’s legacy, where it will continue to serve District 2020, the integrated urban development that will repurpose more than 80 per cent of Expo’s built environment.

Ahmed Al Khatib, chief delivery officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “By any standard, the Dubai Exhibition Centre will be a cutting-edge venue that will play a pivotal role during Expo 2020. But the impact of such a unique space will stretch well beyond the six months of the Expo, boosting the region’s meetings and events industry, furthering the UAE’s reputation as a destination for major conferences, and fuelling growth in Dubai’s knowledge-based economy for many years to come.”

Featuring the latest technology, onsite-catering facilities, and best-in-class audio, visual and telecommunication facilities, the DEC is set to become a hub for Expo 2020’s more than 200 participants.  

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