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Spahr ... spearheaded the new guide.

Spahr ... spearheaded the new guide.

New ACI guide focuses on concrete finish

October 2015

Meva Formwork Systems of Germany has embarked on an educational campaign to promote the new ACI Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces released by the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

The ACI is one of the most influential concrete institutions and is active in 120 countries across the globe.

The broad campaign aims to reach a professional audience to highlight the benefits of the ACI Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces, published in December 2014.

Commenting on the ACI Guide, Rolf Spahr, head of Meva sales operations in Germany, says: “Six years of hard work and Meva know-how went into the new guide, which clearly defines the features of formed concrete surfaces. This puts everyone – the contractor, the developer, the architect, the engineer – in a better position to agree on the desired concrete finish. That is a milestone in providing clarity for successful work and fair play. Conflicting expectations that give rise to dispute are history. It is the basis for talking to one another in a spirit of consensus.”

The campaign is motivated by the fact that Spahr, who spearheaded the guide, was honoured in January 2015 as one of the five most influential persons in the North American construction industry. The distinction specifically recognised his successful work with the ACI and its technical committee 347 Formwork for Concrete.

“A few years ago, I was asked to get involved in the ACI to bring in my formwork knowledge and experience. After looking at the various guides and documents, I realised that there was no clarity on surface texture. My goal was to clearly define the various features of a formed surface, and the result is the new ACI 347 3 R­13 – Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces.

“Now we are educating contractors and architects about the new guide. It will take time to gain experience with this, but I believe it will put everyone in a better position and will push people to sit together as a team. Talking together is always the best way,” says Spahr.

Since 2001, Meva has been an active member of Committee 347. With its all-plastic facing alkus, Meva formwork is used on many high-profile and high-tolerance projects.

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