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ZX33U-5 ... useful in confined spaces.

ZX33U-5 ... useful in confined spaces.

Hitachi’s new minis are powerful performers

October 2015

Hitachi’s latest mini-excavators – the Zaxis-5 range – which are the smallest machines in their category are extremely powerful, fast and energy-efficient despite their size, says Hitachi Construction Machinery Company (HCM), its manufacturer.

The new units offer the advantages of greater fuel economy and reduced running costs, higher versatility on a range of work sites as well as durability and a spacious cab despite its compact size.

The machines can be applied to any setting, be it general work or road construction, earthmoving including in drilling and tunnelling operations, utilities or even demolition. Included in the Zaxis-5 range are the ZX33U-5, ZX38U-5, ZX48U-5, ZX55U-5 and ZX65USB-5 models.

Commenting on the new range, a spokesman for HCM says: “The Hitachi development team listened to the needs of our customers before creating this range of exceptionally versatile, comfortable and easy-to-maintain machines, which provide a consistently high level of performance on any job site.”

Building upon the Hitachi reputation for reliability and durability, they also incorporated features to maximise availability and boost profitability. An electronic governor device incorporated across the excavator range machines provides greater fuel economy and high levels of efficiency. In addition, an advanced energy-saving system results in savings on fuel costs of up to 21 per cent (ZX33U-5) compared to the previous equivalent model.

A spacious cab – larger than competitor machines – with more legroom and wider seats offers enhanced visibility and easier access via a single door (replacing the previous model’s two-piece folding door). It also features enhanced air-conditioning, with an additional air vent behind the operator’s seat contributing to effective air distribution when the air-conditioner is in use. A new 3.5-inch LCD monitor makes information easier to view and improves the overall user-friendliness of the machine.

A low-noise stack muffler – which is standard on the ZX48U-5, ZX55U-5 and ZX65USB-5 models and optionally available for the ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 (cab and canopy versions) – reduces noise levels considerably.

To enable easy inspection and maintenance, the radiator features an easy-to-open cover with a handle and hinge. Also, the tank cover is lighter and more compact than on previous models, so the tank can easily be filled using a fuel can.

“The new Hitachi Zaxis-5 mini excavators have been designed to have a huge impact on your earthmoving, utility and general construction projects – especially where space is limited,” says the spokesman.

ZX33U-5 ... small yet powerful.

ZX33U-5 ... small yet powerful.

The ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 – featuring an operating weight of 3,250 to 3,720 kg and 3,770 to 4,170 kg respectively, with an engine rated at 21.2 kW – deliver a powerful and efficient performance on a variety of projects, including general and road construction, earthmoving and utilities. The advanced energy-saving system combines the Eco mode, auto idle and electric governor features of the excavators to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The durability of these two models has been improved, thanks to the addition of several features, such as strengthened front joints, a reinforced D-frame and a boom cylinder guard, which ensure high levels of productivity and availability.

The new Zaxis-5 mini excavators are particularly useful in the most confined and challenging spaces, the spokesman says. Thanks to the short-tail swing, the ZX48U-5 and ZX55U-5 can also be used in confined spaces, which makes them ideal for working in urban and residential areas. Their versatility makes them a valuable asset. The ZX48U-5 and ZX55U-5 have an operating weight of 4,730 to 5,060 kg and 5,040 to 5,370 kg respectively, with an engine rated at 28.2 kW.

“Wherever they are required to work, the ZX48U-5 and ZX55U-5 deliver a high level of performance, helping contractors meet deadlines and stay ahead of the competition. Although fast and powerful, they operate with significantly less fuel, release fewer emissions and produce lower noise levels than previous models,” says the spokesman.

The performance of both models has been significantly enhanced, due to the optimised location of the cooling system and engine fan. The temperature within the cab has been reduced, thanks to improved sealing, and the cooling performance of the machine has been improved by more efficient water circulation. There is now a reduced risk of the excavator overheating on dust-filled job sites, such as demolition, he adds.

The largest mini-excavator in the range is the ZX65USB-5, which has an operating weight of 6,140 to 6,290 kg with an engine rated at 34.1 kW. Like all new Zaxis-5 machines, it has been designed with a variety of eco-friendly features, which enable it to have a smaller impact on the environment than previous models but without compromising on productivity.

“Busy urban job sites such as road construction projects require productive machines with high levels of reliability and durability to complete the task safely, on time and on budget. The Hitachi ZX65USB-5 meets all of these criteria, with the additional benefit of being able to work in small spaces, thanks to its short-tail swing radius.

“With an improved swing radius at the front left corner, the machine is now capable of working even closer to potential obstacles. Its reliable performance is also ensured by the HHH hydraulic system, which enables combined operations by adjusting the optimal flow rate for the motors and cylinders,” says the spokesman.

The new Stage IIIA engine adopts an electric governor for constant control of engine speed, regardless of load. This enables greater fuel efficiency and lower noise levels.

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