The Big 5

Handmade green furniture

October 2015

MIRT Luxury Interiors will be making its maiden appearance at The Big 5 in November, enthused by the impressive response it received from the Gulf region at an expo in Italy early this year.

“We witnessed huge interest from the Gulf region at the Made Expo held in Italy from March 18 to 21, which prompted MIRT to showcase at The Big 5,” says Anton Mazur, the project manager.

And that it is not all: after the show, the company intends to open a representative office and showroom in Dubai, UAE.

At The Big 5, MIRT Luxury Interiors will put the spotlight on its elegant, handmade furniture made of environment-friendly materials harvested from the natural forests of Ukraine, he says.

At the show, visitors will be able to see completed interior furniture made from natural wood, such as personal cabinets. Also introduced will be brand-new wooden windows with a 106-mm profile, which are highly energy efficient.

Mazur emphasises that all products made in the MIRT furniture factory are from natural, high quality and environment-friendly materials.

“MIRT is a unique enterprise with a modern technical and technological base for the manufacture of exclusive furniture,” he says. “Refined design, handmade products, and selection of high quality and exotic wood are the hallmarks of the interiors created by MIRT that adorn the finest homes in Ukraine and abroad.”

Elaborating on the production process, Mazur says: “It all starts with the development of furniture design models in the engineering department. Then, the prototype is submitted to the committee of experts, only after which production begins.

In production, MIRT uses only natural materials including solid cherry, walnut, maple and exotic wood veneer. “The skilful use of exotic veneers, made using hand-carved elements, marquetry and gilding gives our products an exquisite, rich and unique look.

“Particular attention is paid to the product finishing since this is very important and requires to be taken care of responsibly. The quality of the finishing is directly controlled by the founder of the factory,” he points out.

MIRT furniture factory began production in 1991. “The ambition to become the best, constant quest for perfection, the use of advanced technology and equipment, and interaction with famous Italian masters have enabled us to become a one-of-a-kind furniture manufacturer, offering boiserie, doors, windows and interiors of a  truly premium level among the countries of the former CIS,” says Mazur.

He adds that team members from MIRT regularly visit the best Italian factories and international exhibitions. Constant communication with leading Italian designers and architects helps the company keep abreast with the latest trends in design and technical innovations to continually improve and stay on top.

MIRT’s head office is located in Kiev, Ukraine, while its production facilities are in the Zhitomyr region. The company, which employs 400 people and has an annual turnover of $12 million, continues to see year-on-year growth and has plans to open up a new windows production line.

MIRT Luxury Interiors will be at Stand C26 Focus at The Big 5.

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