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Rosocha, and right, Balish.

Rosocha, and right, Balish.

Caparol Paints to expand business across region

October 2015

With large-scale projects in the pipeline ahead of the Expo 2020 in Dubai and the Fifa World Cup 2022 in Doha, the GCC’s construction industry is making great strides, with related sectors such as paints and coatings following suit, said Martin Rosocha, general manager at Caparol Paints.

To participate in the positive dynamics of the region, Caparol – part of the DAW SE Group in Germany, one of Europe’s largest paint and insulation manufacturers – is expanding the business from the production base in Dubai.

“In 2013 we opened our modern production plant in Dubai Industrial City. This move has allowed us to meet the increased demand for durable paint and insulation solutions that the Caparol brand has been known for,” he said.

While the region has undoubtedly attracted several industry players, Rosocha said having sustainable and environment-centric products combined with a strong focus on German quality has given Caparol an advantage.

“Besides offering technical sound solution for the extreme climate conditions, the focus of our product development is always on the effects our products may have on the end-users, applicators and the environment. This is why sustainability is a core business value for us,” he explained.

“Another product that sets us apart is our external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) since many paint companies only focus on paints and not on thermal insulation to save energy,” Rosocha continued. “To insulate the outside walls of buildings with the Caparol thermal insulation system can lead to substantial savings in cooling bills.”

For Caparol, innovation plays an important role in continuously developing products that are not only eco-friendly, but also meet the various demands of consumers, he added.

Among these products is Capa-Care, which comprises odourless, solvent- and plasticiser-free interior paints. The company is looking at adding another product to the CapaCare range, according to Mowaffaq Balish, head of sales and marketing.

Caparol has also developed CapaStone, which provides a natural stone-like paint effect that brings out the character in any structure; as well as the CapaDecor range, which is a collection of interior creative finishes, including shimmering metallic and wall coverings that have given flight to individual expression.

Balish said the company is keen on increasing its market share in the UAE in the coming years and is also looking at other key markets such as Saudi Arabia, where it will establish a presence.

“We are growing and expanding our retail partners in the UAE. With the construction market back on track and a slew of projects needed to be completed before 2020, Caparol will be focusing a lot of its energy on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products,” he added.

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