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Contractor Sustainable Builders teaming up with Peri for its ‘beat the heat’ campaign.

Contractor Sustainable Builders teaming up with Peri for its ‘beat the heat’ campaign.

Peri drive focuses on safety at worksites

November 2015

Peri, a leading German manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding, held a construction safety drive in the UAE and Oman aimed at improving operations and ensuring high safety standards at work sites.

Through its Zero Damage presentation centred on safety on site, the company highlighted the correct handling of Peri formwork and scaffolding to reduce material damage.

Any damage can affect material strength and durability, which increases the risks of malfunctioning and accidents during site operations, said a spokesman for Peri.

During the presentation, the company put forward construction safety guidelines for using its material in the most optimised and secure way. It was presented in different languages using graphs and visuals to reach a larger audience and deliver the message in a clear and interactive manner.

Peri’s formwork and scaffolding systems are developed to facilitate easier working procedures and increased safety levels during construction, he  said.

They ensure simple handling and highest level of versatility which leads to savings at the job site, it added.

Construction safety should be part of a comprehensive and proactive plan that recognises and addresses potential problems. Given the fast pace of work at jobsites, where strict deadlines are to be met, it is often a race against time to ensure on-time completion of the project. However, Peri said, it is important to remember the safety factors along the way and to focus on modern methods to enhance performance and increase individual productivity.

Peri, which constantly develops new systems to ensure cost-effective and safe working conditions, said it is present during the early stages of the project to offer suitable solutions while taking into consideration the long-term benefits for the customer by providing proper training on its systems.

Additionally, as part of its health and safety programme at construction sites, Peri said it plays particular attention to the health and safety of workers and focuses on minimising any possible risk to site personnel.

Peri recently organised a tour around jobsites in the UAE and Oman, where it highlighted the dangers of heat stress and dehydration risks. It also distributed metal water bottles to participants.

These bottles provide a practical tool for staying alert and having easy access to water at all times, said the spokesman. They can be attached to the waist and carried around the jobsite; they are also easily refilled and reused.

As Peri managing director Ulrich Rottler explains: “Through this collaboration with our clients, we were able to educate workers who are involved in working in hot weather, about the hazards of working outdoors in the heat and to show them easy steps used to prevent accidents while handling Peri material on site.

“We want to provide them with valuable resources to address these concerns by encouraging proper hydration, for example,” he added.

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