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Rexel helps build chemical complex

November 2015

Rexel International Projects Group (Rexel IPG), a leading company providing support to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms and industrials, said it had recently helped in the completion of a large chemical complex in Saudi Arabia.

Rexel pointed out that beyond material costs, its know-how had helped improve project construction efficiency, quality and performance, and reduced total cost of ownership for the project.

Through this approach, more than 20 per cent savings on their scope of the electrical material has been delivered, stated the French group, which will be showcasing its expertise in large oil and gas capital projects at Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (Adipec) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A leading energy industry event, Adipec will see 85,000 people taking part in the expo which runs from November 9 to 12.

A major player at the expo, Rexel IPG manages electrical material for large capital projects – from electrical bulks to cable and engineered equipment.

The company supports its customers throughout their project lifecycle – starting from electrical design to material delivery. Working with its customers’ engineering teams, it helps build their required electrical solution.

Rexel said it sources these products from its extensive range of global, local and niche electrical vendor partners to minimise the cost of material and meet delivery schedules. The French group defines, simplifies and monitors its project-specific execution plan by utilising its project management tool Maps to ensure project deadlines stay on schedule.

At Adipec, Rexel will display its wide range of services including technical application assistance, supply chain consolidation, project management solutions and project logistic services.

“We can help design efficient electrical solutions, select the right products, and make sure customers get their material on time and meet their KPIs (key performance indicator),” said John Kaznowski, the regional director (Middle East) for Rexel IPG.

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