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Rawlplug to build logistic centre to support expansion

November 2015

UAE-based Rawlplug Middle East is on a major expansion drive to secure its position in the domestic market while targeting increased growth next year. 

The top fixings specialist, which has so far this year witnessed a stable growth of 27 per cent compared to last year, is now aiming for a 30 per cent growth in 2016 over this year.

Its development plans will be supported by the construction of a 10,000-sq-m logistic centre in Dubai that will provide better service to clients in the domestic as well as the foreign markets, said a spokesman for the company.

Earlier this year the company had announced plans to boost its comprehensive line of solutions with a new range of products, including green fixings for sustainable projects and passive fire protection systems, in line with its surging business in the region.

“We are in first phase of introducing a passive fire protection system, which will complete our range,” the spokesman added.

Sustainability is at the heart of Rawlplug’s business, said the spokesman, adding it is the first company from its sector to move towards sustainability.

“We fully understand that to be a successful, effective and responsible business today and into the future, sustainability needs to permeate our whole approach to what we do and how we do it,” said the spokesman.

Sustainability projects initiated recently by the company include:

• Redesigning its packaging and distribution processes leading to a calculated yearly saving of 3,000 truck journeys and a million litres of fuel. This has resulted in a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2,800 tonnes per year;

• Implementing a new packaging and labelling system. The use of high-quality, fully-recyclable corrugated cardboard in its packaging reduces the impact it has on the environment. Water-based inks and paints and varnishes derived from renewable resources eliminate the use of heavy metal and petroleum-based products.
Packaging design reduces materials and ink required by incorporating user-friendly colour-coded labels containing instructions, descriptions or technical information. This innovation is measurably more efficient than its industry counterparts, according to the spokesperson;

• Introducing an environmental policy across the entire organisation. This aims to educate employees on how to help Rawlplug achieve its environmental goals by concentrating on individual environmental, as well as corporate, responsibility; and

• Contributing to the community by supporting those in need at a practical level. It also promotes, encourages and delivers education and training to students, clients and stakeholders alike.

Sustainability is built into the entire lifecycle of Rawlplug products and operations.

“Our business mission is to supply clients with the highest-quality products possible, and to continuously drive innovation into our products and processes,” said the spokesman.

“Today, the Rawlplug brand is built on a heritage of providing high-quality goods to the premium and mid-range segments of the industry. This has enabled us to establish a position of leadership in the European market.

“In what is a highly competitive global industry, we understand that both maintaining our existing position in the European market and successfully expanding into fast-growing markets will be instrumental in securing our long-term future.

“We firmly believe that our sustainability goals go hand in hand with our mission and vision for the Rawlplug business. By improving the environmental efficiency of our operations, using natural resources with greater consideration, driving sustainable processes into our production and business processes, looking after our people, and contributing positively to the communities we inhabit, we believe that we will be optimally positioned to succeed internationally for decades to come,” he remarked.

The UK-based Rawlplug, which has been operating in the Gulf for more than 30 years through a network of distributors, set up its regional hub at Jebel Ali in 2006 to better serve its customers and reduce delivery time.

The company’s product range – which comprises almost 30,000 line items corresponding to products and its variants – includes bonded anchors, which are offered in a wide range of systems like glass capsules, cartridges and foils, and mechanical anchors, which are metal anchors.

Commonly referred to as chemical anchors or resin anchors, bonded anchors can be split into two main groups – capsule and injections systems – both of which consist of two chambers, one filled with a polymer resin and the other with a hardener. Various resin types are available in each system from polyester to vinylester and epoxy.

Bonded anchors are used for fixing threaded rod, internally threaded sockets and rebar to many types of structure. They can be used in all structures from concrete to low-strength blockwork, including solid and hollow materials such as perforated brick, hollow block and hollow precast concrete.

Mechanical anchors, used for high-load and technical applications, are offered as throughbolts, shield anchors and heavy-duty expansion anchors.

Rawlplug also offers a wide range of façade insulation fixings including external thermal insulation composites (Etics) and insulation fixings, and frame fixings available as fixings, screws and anchors.

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