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Cortec wins EU approval for MCI products


Cortec, a global leader in innovative VpCI and MCI corrosion control technologies for packaging, metalworking and construction industries, said it has received CE Approval for Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI) Products for the European Market.

Application of MCI products experienced rapid growth in recent years due to number of factors such as proven efficiency and environmental safety.

By using this technology, corrosion initiation is delayed and the lifecycle of structures is significantly extended. Designers and contractors globally are using MCI technology in the most demanding projects, said the company in a statement.

Cortec’s MCI products conform to EN 1504, the new EU Standard for the protection and repair of reinforced concrete. The aim of the new European norm EN 1504 is to standardize all aspects of the repair process and provide an improved framework for achieving successful, durable repairs and satisfied clients.

Ivana Liposcak, Cortec’s MCI technical sales manager said: "In Europe over 50 per cent of the annual construction budget is spent on the repair and refurbishment of existing structures and proper maintenance of these structures and the correct repair of deteriorating reinforced concrete should be a vital part of any refurbishment strategy."

The implementation of EN 1504 will improve the performance of concrete repairs taking into account whole life costs and durability, she stated.

By receiving CE certificate MCI products are now accepted for use throughout Europe.

Liposcak said the CE certificate was mandatory for most construction products sold on the European market.

CE marking confirms that the product has been assessed and meets safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

The added value of CE certificate is that all EU countries must enable and encourage the sale of construction products with the CE marking. This means that no additional certificates or further testing cannot be requested by public entities and products can be placed on the whole EU market with the same documentation.    

With CE mark, Cortec as a manufacturer guarantees that the product is produced in accordance with European technical specifications, stated Liposcak.

With CE marking Cortec is able to provide Declaration of Performance (DOP) which is of key importance for Construction Products Regulation as it provides information on product’s performance, she added.-TradeArabia News Service

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