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Indian project sets new world record in concrete pouring


The South Indian state of Telengana has broken all world records in concrete pouring with more than 25,584 cu m of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) laid on the spillway and piers in construction as part of the Medigadda barrage of the multi -package Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) during the past 72 hours ending at 8 am on Tuesday, said media reports.

Dubai has so far been holding first such record completing 21,580 cubic metres of concrete pour over a period of 35 hours and 19 minutes for a raft foundation laid for a residential complex from May 18 to 20 in 2017.

Last month, the irrigation department officials had created a national record by executing 16,722 cu m of concrete work in just 24 hours at Medigadda Barrage, reoported The News Indian Express.

A few months ago, 7,212 cu m of concrete was used in a single day for KLIS works. Officials have been on overdrive ever since Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao directed them to pull up their socks and expedite the project to provide water to tillers by July, 2019.  

"Around 16,722 cu m of concrete was laid on the first day, followed by 4145 cu m on the second day and 4177 cu m on third day," Kaleshwaram chief engineer N Venkateshwarlu told Express.

A total of 6,238 tonnes of cement (1,24,751 bags) were used from Saturday 8 am to Sunday 8 am. The aggregate/metal used was 15,384 cu m, besides the 1,070 tonnes of steel, stated Venkateshwarulu.

"A total of 4,824 workers including engineers were involved in the job. The machinery used included 20 boom placers, 120 transit millars and eight concrete batching plants," he added.

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