Paints & Coatings

A number of projects in the region have recognised the advantages of Hempel’s Strata coating, which the company says is the ultimate in eco-friendly protection system for concrete floors.

Berger Paints says its newly-introduced Weathercoat line of exterior finishes have created a stir in the market, thanks to its properties and 10-year warranty offering, with the range now set to be specified on a number of projects.

Dow has developed two new binders which, when used in coatings and paints, result in benefits to end-users in terms of costs and cleaner air.  Dow Construction Chemicals’ Primal EC4642 ME cuts power bills by keeping roofs cooler, while Dow Coating Materials’ Primal SF-208 ER helps improve indoor air quality.

Cortec Corporation has introduced a new corrosion protection product to reach hidden areas easily missed by common corrosion inhibitors thus leaving these areas exposed to the effects of corrosion.