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The BVP 10/30 ... suited for compacting confined spaces.

The BVP 10/30 ... suited for compacting confined spaces.

Bomag’s lightest ...and largest

September 2017

A light compactor designed for use in confined spaces and a powerful cold planer are among Bomag’s latest offerings.

Bomag says its new BVP 10/30 single direction vibratory plate is the lightest compactor in its class, weighing just over 46 kg, for easy transport vehicle loading and unloading. The compactor boasts a narrow 300-mm plate width, making it ideally suited for compacting confined spaces and right up to corners.

Additionally, this light but powerful machine generates an impressive 10-kN compaction force, making quick work of landscaping, earthworks and asphalt patching projects, says the Germany-based compaction equipment manufacturer.

“It is the only vibratory plate that can be manually loaded and unloaded for transport without any equipment. Its highly flexible use makes it attractive for small jobs and in landscape gardening,” says a spokesman for Bomag.

“Wherever space is limited, or small areas need to be compacted quickly and easily, the smallest member of the vibratory plate family packs a big punch: With a working width of just 30 cm, Bomag’s new BVP 10/30 can handle the tightest working and space constraints. The machine is also distinguished by its excellent manoeuvrability in practical operation. As the lightest of all vibratory plates, it is ready for use at once. Simply lift off the transport vehicle without any additional loading resources and off it goes. Stowing the BVP 10/30 again is just as quick,” he says.

The BVP 10/30 was showcased at Conexpo-Con/AGG construction show in Las Vegas, US, in March alongside other new products from Bomag such as the RS 500 recycler/stabiliser and BM 2200/75.

The new RS 500 recycler/stabiliser features an exclusive offsetting rotor design that shifts the rotor housing assembly outside of the wheel’s edge, allowing the machine to safely stabilise slopes and recycle material right up to the road’s edge. The recycler/stabiliser’s Flexmix technology incorporates three infinitely adjustable gradation bars for superior control over final material sizing. Its height-adjustable cabin gives the machine a transport height of only 3,100 mm, so it can be quickly transported using a low-boy trailer.

For milling asphalt surfaces to a precise depth, the new cold planer BM 2200/75 is the largest and most powerful in the Bomag line. Its 760.3-hp diesel engine delivers high performance milling of half-lane widths reaching 2,200 mm at depths of up to 350 mm. A wide range of milling drums can be quickly installed into the cutter housing. Bomag’s unique tooth holder design improves milling productivity while extending service life by up to 30 per cent over other systems. Its quick-change tooth design requires only about 25 per cent of the time for a complete tooth replacement compared to conventional designs. The BM 2200/75 mill’s upper conveyor swivels 60 degrees to the left or right of the centre for efficient truck loading to either side of the machine.

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