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Wacker ... first in the region to offer both technical support and testing services for carpet manufactures.

Wacker ... first in the region to offer both technical support and testing services for carpet manufactures.

Wacker boosts lab capabilities

September 2017

Germany’s Wacker is expanding its services as demand for silicone and polymer products grows in the region.

Germany-based chemicals group Wacker is strengthening its presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) by expanding the service portfolio of its technical centre in Dubai, UAE.

The centre of excellence located at the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) technology park now includes a dedicated laboratory for polymer dispersions needed as binders for adhesives and carpet applications. Further, a laboratory has been established and ISO-certified for developing and testing silicone elastomers for growing industries such as energy and mould making.

The technical centre in Dubai now comprises five laboratories to support customers in the paints and coatings, construction, energy, mould-making, carpets and adhesives industries. With the expansion, Wacker is increasing its local expertise in applications technology, know-how transfer and service, thereby meeting its local customers’ needs for high-quality silicone and polymer products in the growing markets of the MEA region.

The region’s increasing growth potential, particularly with regard to carpet and energy applications, prompted the expansion of the local facility, says Wacker.

“We are proud to say that our facility is the first in the region to offer both technical support and testing services for carpet manufactures, plus an ISO-certified silicones lab for high-quality, energy and mould making applications,” explains Cyril Cisinski, managing director Wacker Chemicals Middle East.

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Cisinski ... offering added value.

“The expanded facility will strengthen our position as one of the leading silicones and polymers manufacturers in the Middle East and Africa. With our extended lab facilities, we are adopting the international standard to local needs and conditions. Along with our sustainable and innovative solutions, we are offering our customers and partners in the region considerable added value,” he adds.

The focus of the new polymers lab is on providing technical support for formulations with vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions to meet the growing local demands of customers in the carpet and adhesives industries.

“VAE dispersions of the Vinnapas brand are increasingly being used in place of traditional latexes as binders for bonding carpet backing, and for high-quality wood glue and water-based flooring adhesives.

“The upgraded lab for silicones elastomers caters to the needs of customers of the energy, mould making and automotive industries. Due to their unique set of properties, silicone products are capable of meeting these industries’ ever more complex requirements better than other plastics,” he says.

Both new labs are equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation and enable numerous tests with regard to locally available raw materials, climatic and environmental conditions, and regional requirements. The silicones lab has further been certified according to the ISO 17025 standard.

Wacker set up its local subsidiary – Wacker Chemicals Middle East – in Dubai back in 2000 and has been operating its own sales office in the emirate since then. A technical centre has been available to regional customers and partners since 2002.

In 2009, Wacker moved to the Dubai Silicon Oasis technology park. Spanning nearly 13,000 sq m, the new location houses technical labs as well as the offices of Wacker’s subsidiary for the Middle East sales region.

In spring 2010, Wacker further established a local branch of its international training and competence centre, the Wacker Academy, at its technical centre in Dubai. In 2012, an additional lab that comprises applications technology and test equipment for polymer dispersions needed as binders for environment-friendly interior architectural paints was added. Furthermore, the technical centre has extended its range of silicone additives and binders for paints and coatings applications. From Dubai, the subsidiary serves customers from the UAE, the Middle East and Africa.

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