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Rowad’s (HDPE) double-wall corrugated pipes for drainage.

Rowad’s (HDPE) double-wall corrugated pipes for drainage.

Rowad to launch innovative plastic solutions at Big 5


Saudi-based Rowad National Plastic Company, which has participated several times in The Big 5 in Dubai, is this year exhibiting alongside its sister company Taldeen and will be promoting acrylic and polycarbonate plastic sheets, and plastic geomembrane liners.

At the event Taldeen, will be promoting its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) double-wall corrugated pipes for drainage, and DPE PE100 pressure pipes for several piping applications.

Rowad Plastic is a leading plastics manufacturer in the region with member companies that specialise in engineering plastic conversion.

These include Rowad National Plastic Company (RNPC), which produces engineering plastic sheets (polycarbonate and acrylic), injection-moulded cases and covers for automotive batteries, and paints pails in Riyadh; Rowad International Geo-Synthetic (RIG), which manufactures HDPE/LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) geomembrane liners in Dammam; and Rowad Global Packaging (RGP), which makes biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films in Dammam.

“Rowad companies are affiliates of the National Industrialisation Company (Tasnee) under the Downstream Strategic Business Unit,” remarked Saeed Al Ajrafi, the vice-president of Plastic Business Unit.

He pointed out that Rowad Plastic had the capacity to serve customers both domestically and internationally. Approximately 60 per cent of its products volume is sold within Saudi Arabia while the remaining 40 per cent is exported to more than 30 countries regionally and globally.

“The company continues to reach out to customers and ensure its strong presence internationally, including in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe,” he added.

Rowad, which has offices in Italy, Tunisia and Turkey, plans to open more offices in the UAE, Egypt and Australia.

Building on its success, Rowad and Tasnee have plans to invest further in the plastics business as well as diversify its portfolio, stated Al Ajrafi.

“A giant complex of over 100,000 sq m has, therefore, been commissioned in Hail, Saudi Arabia, under the umbrella of Tasnee. This newly formed company called Taldeen Plastic Solutions produces various specialised plastic solutions,” he added.

He pointed out that the production focus was primarily on four major sectors: Pipes, handling and agriculture solutions, and water tanks and road barriers.

The company has plans for expansion of the production lines and is always in pursuit of the newest and latest technologies in the plastics field.

Turning to new products, Al Ajrafi said one of Taldeen’s latest products is a complete wastewater treatment and reuse system (wastewater recycling unit) which is designed to treat and recycle water for up to 25 people.

"This may be a common product in some part of Europe or the US, however, it’s more challenging in this part of the world. With the overall sustainability programme and greater environmental awareness in Saudi Arabia, this will be a great enabler for small industries or residential areas,"he stated.

Other products introduced to the local market include robust, reliable and cost-effective solutions for drainage, he added.

According to Al Ajrafi, the company’s HDPE corrugated pipes are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are the best substitute for glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) and clay pipes, for transporting stormwater and wastewater.

“Results have shown that forward-thinking municipalities realise the future of stormwater management lies in utilising the best technology, he stated.

The use of HDPE dual-wall corrugated pipes for stormwater has increased dramatically over the past several years. This is because of their strength, durability, joint integrity, and long-term cost-effectiveness, he added.

Rowad will be exhibiting at Stand AR D211 at The Big 5.

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