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Geostar ... featuring  the Leister Quality System.

Geostar ... featuring the Leister Quality System.

Geostar gets smarter with LQS

September 2017

Leister Technologies of Switzerland, a global market leader in the areas of plastic welding and industrial hot air applications, has now made its wedge welder Geostar even more efficient with the introduction of Geostar G7 LQS.

The new device features the Leister Quality System (LQS), which enables the operator to know everything about what his Geostar does and has done - at all times, says Engineer Owais Athar, team leader – Leister, at BMC Gulf, the Swiss firm’s sales and service partner in the UAE.

Geostar, designed for welding geomembranes, is a hot wedge welding machine perfected for civil engineering that redefines state-of-the-art technology, he says.  Its compact, cast aluminium frame construction offers sporty maximum power for the hardest applications. With a heating capacity/heating power of up to 2,500 W, peak welding speeds of up to 12 m per minute and a height-adjustable chassis, the Geostar can handle any terrain without difficulty, he emphasises.

“This sleek design makes field servicing a cinch – the wedge can be removed and replaced in under a minute. Additional features include easy loading of material as well as a natural flow of it through the machine, integrated clamping grip engagement, innovative ergonomics that allow one-hand operation and three different parking and maintenance positions,” Athar adds.

The digital operating unit (eDrive) with integrated display permits permanent monitoring of all the key weld parameters (heat, speed, pressure and voltage) during the work process.

The new Geostar G7 LQS offers an enhanced range of functions that work automatically in the background, thanks to an intelligent communication module.

“While the operator may not notice any difference in comparison to a standard Geostar, the new device offers all the advantages of the latest technology,” he says.

The Geostar G7 LQS features a digital display of pressure, speed, temperature and mains voltage and welding protocols; it easily creates DVS reports and provides protection from falsification.  What is more, it offers weld seam position recording via global positioning system (GPS), incorporates wi-fi technology and internal data storage to prevent data loss and uses cloud function for easy storage, transfer, management and back-up of welding data.

The new technology enables automatic device recognition and helps with crew supervision.

This is thanks to the Leister Quality System, which creates an exact protocol of all completed welds, including position, speed and weld parameters. The data is easily transmitted via wi-fi to mobile or desktop devices. There, the information can be analysed and used to automatically create DVS reports. Synchronising with the cloud protects from data loss and ensures data access wherever needed.

The LQS app is available free of charge through the app store and provides an easy synchronisation of welding data from Geostar to a notebook or mobile device.

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