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‘Dream’ pipe

February 2011

POLOPLAST, an international supplier of plastic pipe systems, compounding and polymer engineering, will introduce a new pipe system known as Polo-Fit, when it joins The Big 5 Saudi Arabia show this month.

The new, highly-flexible five-layer pipe system is claimed to impress with tremendous capacity reserves due to its first-class mechanical and thermal properties. Besides its novel connecting technology, Polo-Fit offers an innovative overall solution, which meets all the requirements of a modern hot and cold water piping systems.

In addition, Poloplast will present its entire product range at the show. “The focus is on innovations and branded products in the core business segments of domestic waste disposal systems, hot and cold water piping systems and pipe ducting,” says a spokesman for the German company.

Other products that will be displayed include Polo-Kal NG, a noise-insulated domestic waste disposal system; Polo-Kal NG AGT, a pipe system for exhaust gas technology; Polo-Kal 3S, a highly noise-insulated domestic waste disposal system; Polo-ASV, an extension-proof connection; Polo-Clip HS, a highly noise-insulated pipe fastening system; Polo-BSM, a fire protection sleeve; Polo-RDS evolution, a pipe duct system; and Polo-Polymutan, a hot and cold water piping system.

Polo-Kal is one of Poloplast’s best-known brands in above-ground drainage and has become synonymous with quality in domestic waste disposal in many markets, says the spokesman.

This quality system had already earned a reputation in the early 1960s. The foundations were then laid for the successful product line Polo-Kal NG – a three-layer mineral-reinforced noise-insulating domestic waste disposal pipe system with its characteristic blue colouring – which has been on the market since 1994.

The multilayer technology was first used in 1990 for the highly noise-insulating domestic waste disposal pipe system Polo-Kal 3S. “It is impossible to imagine the industry today without both of these multi-layer programmes – Polo-Kal NG and Polo-Kal 3S – and they continue to impress many satisfied product users,” the spokesman says.

Over the decades, Poloplast has gained experience with this innovative technology and has continually improved and extended the product system.

“Excellent noise-insulating performance, an extensive range, 20-year manufacturer’s warranty (10 years for Polo-UDS) and a wide application spectrum help to make Polo-Kal NG a truly distinctive system,” he adds.

Polo-Kal NG is not only used in noise-insulating domestic waste disposal but can now also be applied in controlled dwelling ventilation with heat recovery, in exhaust gas technology, in central vacuum cleaning systems and, as the most recent addition, in syphonic roof drainage systems.

With an experience of more than 50 years, Poloplast today belongs to the class of leading manufacturers of high-grade, durable plastic pipe systems using multi-layer technology. In the area of above-ground drainage, it prioritises issues centred on modern building services engineering, such as living comfort, energy-efficient construction and drinking water. In civil engineering, the company acts as a partner for water supply, drainage and pipe ducting.

“Furthermore, 20 years of experience in polypropylene (PP) multi-layer technology and numerous intelligent product solutions make Poloplast an interesting partner for plastic pipe systems in the areas of above-ground drainage, water supply and canalisation,” says the spokesman.

The main markets for Poloplast’s products are Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the Middle East. Notable projects include Frankfurt Airport, the luxurious Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, the Museum Palace in the Vatican, spas and low-energy and passive houses, which have all been equipped with Poloplast products.

The company’s two corporate sites are located in Leonding (Upper Austria), and in Ebenhofen (Germany).

The company will be present at Stand F38 at The Big 5 Saudi Arabia.

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