The V4500 ... innovative.

MONTABERT has launched the V4500, the largest in the company’s range of automatic two-speed hydraulic breakers.

The new breaker, which can be mounted on excavators from 45 to 80 tonnes, is designed for high productivity work on homogeneous rock surfaces, including civil engineering applications and secondary breaking in quarries and mines.

“The V4500 offers all the technological innovations and industry-required features that have made the Montabert range of hydraulic breakers the leading products in their market,” says a spokesman for the France-based company.

In common with other Monta-bert breakers, the model offers superior productivity, reliability and durability, a high power-to-weight ratio, easy maintenance, long life span and high resale value.

Elaborating on the product, the spokesman says that the V4500 works with a maximum input power of 117 kW, a hydraulic flow of 380 litres per minute providing a frequency of 750 blows per minute at an operating pressure of 185 bar. Its weight with top bracket and tool is 4,500 kg.

The V4500 also has the advantage of being able to work with high back pressures up to 25 bar and offers true overflow protection as standard. In addition, the robust, heavy-duty housing and large retainer pins allows it to work with large tools with diameters up to 190 mm.

The standard version of the breaker is metro silenced, and it can be equipped with a pressurisation circuit for underwater work and tunnelling.