LED technology ... applications in both indoor and outdoor settings.

MODERN LED technology enables us to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, says Barthelme LED Solutions, a Germany-based expert in LED solutions and general lighting.

Although lighting has a great impact on the environment, there are still many buildings equipped with outdated lighting, lamps and power supplies, says a spokesman for the company.

Compared to traditional lighting sources, LEDs are highly environment-friendly, he points out. “Incandescent lamps, for example, generate around 95 per cent heat and only five per cent is converted into visible light. LEDs, on the other hand, produce less heat and are therefore not only more effective but also often more suitable in various applications as they help reduce the cooling load in air-conditioned rooms, in warehouses, and within cooling units in supermarkets,” the spokesman points out.

LED lighting technology has today expanded the potential to achieve high energy efficiency in various applications, both indoor and outdoor, for decorative or functional lighting, which were inconceivable until recently, he says.

“Using white light and intelligent controllers, LEDs today offer high light efficiency in different applications,” he adds.

Barthelme LED Solutions aims to be a reliable partner for the power industry and wholesalers as well as architects, light designers, shop and booth builders. Established in 1931, it has grown to become a well-known mid-sized company that has clocked 80 successful years in the market by creating a high degree of brand awareness and gaining extensive market knowledge, while affording flexibility to the sector.

Barthelme’s two main product lines – LED solutions and general lighting – have contributed to building its reputation as a leading supplier and consultant for national and international clients in both markets.

With subsidiaries in Switzerland and Taiwan as well as distributors in different European and Middle East countries, the company has maintained an impressive growth level by offering excellent service, establishing close ties with its clients and maintaining an extensive storage facility in Nuremberg, Germany, to ensure quick delivery times.

Barthelme is a manufacturer of LED strips, profiles, complete luminaries as well as of Chromoflex, a colour controller. High-quality LED strips are manufactured in Taiwan under its own brand Barthelme LEDlight flex.

“Barthelme LED Solutions offers the widest selections of LED strips, both flexible and rigid, on the market,” says the spokesman. “They vary from extreme brightness (1,240 lm/m) to ambient (240 lm/m) in different white tones from super warm white (2,300 K) up to cool blue sky (8,000 K) as well as different colours and RGB. Uniformity and high quality is ensured due to very narrow binning +/– 50 K as well as several components on the strip to extend the lifetime of the LED.

Apart from components, Barthelme also offers individual high-end LED linear lighting for indoor or outdoor use, which will be produced on request with plugs. Due to the large range of different profiles, colour temperatures and light output available, the company can produce linear lighting for almost every requirement, producing with the highest precision and quality in Nuremberg. The linear lighting is SGS and TÜV-certified to IEC 62031.

Barthelme has been involved in various projects such as hotels, casinos, offices, private and public buildings in Europe and the Middle East.