The DXR 310 and CS 10 (below)... controlled demolition.

CONTRACTORS in Saudi Arabia should turn to controlled demolition techniques instead of mechanical cutting, in view of the scarcity of skilled manpower to carry out such tasks and the increasingly tight regulations on recruiting labour, says Pierre Wakfi, operations manager at Noor Trading and Contracting.

The Saudi-based company, a major distributor of various building materials and construction chemicals and a prominent name in the field of concrete coring and cutting works, is offering efficient solutions to tackle demolition tasks in partnership with Husqvarna Construction Products of Sweden.

These include the DXR 310, a remote-controlled demolition machine, and the CS 10 electric wire, both of which are produced by Husqvarna, a specialist manufacturer of machinery and tools for the construction and stone industries.
The DXR 310 packs in new technology, smart solutions, modern design and is supported by a durable baseplate, ensuring demolition work is completed efficiently and profitably, says a Husqvarna spokesman.

The machine delivers ample power despite its low weight and features better solutions than competing models, allowing contractors to work more quickly and intelligently, he says, adding that thanks to its low height, the operator has a good view over the machine, making operation more efficient and safer while lowering the machine’s centre of gravity.

“The DXR 310 is a Husqvarna product inside and out – well thought out to the smallest detail, with a functional design, innovation in construction and technology, and topped off with a high level of serviceability,” he continues.

“This demolition robot’s weight-to-power ratio has been optimised to make it powerful but simultaneously light in weight. It is stable and has a long range. Its low-slung body gives the user a better view and it can be manoeuvred nimbly in restricted spaces.”

The DXR 310 is based on state-of-the-art technology. Its base plate is cast in a single piece, making it stronger and helping to distribute its weight optimally. The plate includes parts such as fasteners, lifting loops and LED spotlights that are an innovation in the sector and assure durability and better light for working. The robot is easy to maintain and has an easy-to-open hood lock for operations such as replacing the oil filter.

The high-quality steel telescopic arm on the machine has a reach of 5.5 m, including the hammer. Its stepless slow-motion handling ensures maximum usability and precision.

The control system is adapted to cope easily with harsh demolition environments involving a lot of vibration, concrete dust and water. The control box is equipped with a 3.5-inch colour display that is easy to read and uses industrial Bluetooth technology. A sturdy harness with curved alloy bar enhances comfort and control.

The power unit’s location above the undercarriage and the easy-opening housing are examples of design solutions that make the DXR range the market’s most easily-serviced demolition robots, he adds.

The DXR 310 is designed for applications such as light demolition and indoor work, as well as for use in sensitive environments such as within the processing industry. It passes through all normal doorways since it is just 78 cm wide. It also operates on uneven surfaces or close to walls, due to the individually-controlled outriggers.

“The machine will be attractively positioned in comparison with its competitors. Just as with the rest of our range, we will assure a high level of service and support, as we know how important that is for contractors making an investment on this scale,” says the spokesman.

CS 10

Launched last year, the CS 10 electric wire saw raises Husqvarna’s WS 440 HF and WS 482 HF electric wall saws to new heights. It can be operated together with any of Husqvarna’s electric wall saws, which means that the user gets a wall saw and a wire saw in a single saw system.

Suitable power packs are the PP 480 FF and PP 440 HF.

“The CS 10 is a very useful and efficient saw system, thanks to a number of smart solutions,” says the spokesman. “The wire saw is a highly practical companion to Husqvarna’s modern electric wall saws, offering great capacity as well as many different set-up options and a complete and highly cost-effective solution for the customer.”

Elaborating on the equipment, he says: “The saw, coupled to the WS 482 HF or WS 440 HF, can be mounted on both sides of the track, ensuring flexible sawing. The wire’s direction of rotation is reversible and can be used both vertically and horizontally. This allows, for instance, sawing close up to the walls, known as flush cutting, in all corners of a room.
“Plus, there’s no need for water for dry cuts in cases when slurry is a concern. By mounting it on the wall saw track, the user gets a powerful and flexible saw system for cutting through larger concrete structures, such as bridges, foundations and thick walls. Its well-designed construction and ample magazine capacity produce a generous saw depth.”

The CS 10 is easily coupled to the wall saw’s operating unit and track and power unit. Thanks to the wire saw’s magazine wheel and diamond wire, the user gets a lightweight and flexible wire saw that can be easily anchored on the floor or wall.

Several technical refinements are accommodated under the protective hood of the CS 10 to make the operator’s work more efficient. A spring solution for the drive wheel makes the wire run smoothly and evenly, and reduces wire wear. The wire saw’s water system cools and lubricates as well as binds dust, ensuring efficient sawing and a long operating life for the wire.

The CS 10 is simple to manoeuvre. The saw is remote-controlled (radio control with the WS 482 HF), giving the operator greater freedom and working comfort. The speed can be varied to an optimal value for the wire type and material to be cut.

Husqvarna Construction Products, part of Husqvarna, is a market leader in machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.

Its product range comprises power cutters, drilling equipment, diamond tools, floor saws, bench saws, wall and wire saws as well as machines for surface treatment and demolition. The company has 210 large factories around the world and is represented in more than 70 countries. Its global head office is in Jonsered, Sweden.

Noor Trading is a Jeddah-based company that was established in 1980, basically as a major distributor of various building materials and construction chemicals. In response to growing demand for experienced and reliable applicators of specialty construction chemicals, the company decided to diversify its activities in 1990 to offer “supply and apply” contracting services. Today, the firm is well-known in the field of concrete coring and cutting works using diamond-tipped core drills and blades.