AQUAJET Systems, a hydrodemolition equipment specialist, has introduced two additional models to complement its recently-launched range of latest-generation Aqua Cutter 710 V Classic and Evolution series of robots.

With these two new models, the 710 A and 710 H, the company offers further options and improved automatic and manual features for hydrodemolition contractors to meet their demands for efficient concrete removal.

The new models are designed for work on bridges, tunnels, roads, walls, parking garages or overhead roofs, according to a spokesman for the Sweden-based Aquajet Systems.

Working with a typically 1,000 bar pressure and 250 litres per minute, the robot handles removal depths down to approximately 1,000 mm of concrete, if required.

The 710 A robot features an articulated arm that can be positioned through 360 degrees and has two telescopic joints to reach a maximum height of up to 3 m. “This makes it suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead operations in applications such as the revamp of multi-storey car-parkings,” says the spokesman.

Meanwhile, the new 710 H has been designed for horizontal deck (floor) operations but can be upgraded to the 710 A or 710 V, if required. “It is intended for contractors who already have one or more of the more versatile 710 V robots or for new contractors just entering the hydrodemolition sector and principally seeking horizontal applications,” explains the spokesman.

Complementing the range ... the 710 H (above) offers a larger operational width while the 710 A is suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead operations.

The 710 H can optionally offer a 4-m operational width.

The 710 V series of robots, introduced earlier this year, is considered the most versatile robot from Aquajet and is able to reach heights of up to 7 m. The unit is also suitable for horizontal applications driving along the surface or it can ‘nose up’ with the cutting head moving vertically on the mast, making it suitable for pillars and walls.

All three models are delivered with diesel engines and for areas where these engines are not suitable, they can be fitted with electric hybrid drive. The range is also available as Evolution models incorporating fully-computerised facilities or Classic models offering manual operation.

Built to operate in tough conditions, all the systems have been designed with the operator in mind and are easy to operate. A new improved rubber-lined splashguard on the power head ensures improved noise reduction. Easy service access is also assured with ‘gull wing’ hoods and ‘fold down’ hydraulics for cleaning and maintenance.

Hydrodemolition techniques offer distinct advantages over traditional methods of concrete removal, the spokesman says.
He elaborates:”Hydrodemolition using Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter robots is the ideal way for removing damaged concrete and leaving a good surface ready for reinstatement with fresh material. Precision control of the high-pressure water from the robot’s jet ensures that sound areas and the embedded steel are left intact.

“Today’s Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots are faster, easier to use and more cost-effective than ever. They achieve the best possible performance, efficiently remove concrete layers of constant or variable thickness from both flat and curved surfaces. The robotic units can perform vertically, horizontally and overhead as standard, while attachments allow removal in case of special situations such as underneath bridge decks or under water.”

Aquajet Systems became the first ISO 9001-certified specialised manufacturer of hydrodemolition systems in the world in 1998. Its activities include both development and production of hydrodemolition equipment for removal of concrete with high-pressure water.