Chicago Pneumatic has supplied 25 CPLT V15 LED models for a key project in Kuwait.

Chicago Pneumatic, a global construction equipment manufacturer, says it has secured a breakthrough sale of its LED (light emitting diode) light towers in Kuwait.

Its authorised distributor General Transportation & Equipment Company (GTE) placed an order for 25 CPLT V15 LED models for a key project in the country. This represents the first sale of CPLT V15 LED light towers in the Middle East, says the US-based company.

Chicago Pneumatic is a leading provider of a wide range of pneumatic, hydraulic and petrol-driven equipment, portable compressors and generators, light towers, rig-mounted attachments, and compaction equipment for the construction and demolition industry.

These LED light towers will provide crucial illumination for a time-sensitive oilfield construction project being carried out by local contractor Al Yousifi Engineering and Construction Company.

GTE was originally asked to provide metal halide light towers by the contractor working on the project. However, due to the time and cost-sensitive nature of the development, GTE advised them to consider more modern LED models because of the greater efficiencies they offer, it states.

Ejazul Hassan, the equipment sales manager for GTE, says: “The CPLT V15 LED is highly efficient, making it ideal for projects requiring a large number of light towers. With this model, users can save on both fuel and maintenance costs.”

“For instance, the LED’s lifespan is 30,000 hours, compared to 6,000 hours provided by a metal halide bulb. This means the CPLT V15 LED’s bulbs don’t need to be replaced for approximately three years,” he adds.

 To highlight the benefits, GTE carried out a live demonstration to compare a metal halide light tower and a CLPT V15 LED at its client’s premises.

During this exercise, the contractor’s technical team observed the features of both units, from the quality of illumination and compactness of the machines to noise levels, among other aspects.

“When we were doing the demonstration, one of the members of the team asked me if the light tower’s engine was running because he genuinely couldn’t hear it. This is because it is very quiet, providing noise levels as low as 86 dBA (LwA),” remarks Hassan.

 Throughout the demonstration, the CPLT V15 LED also impressed the technical team with its low operational costs and light coverage, he says.

Following the demonstration, the contractor’s technical team unanimously decided to retain the LED demo unit and raise a purchase order for 24 more light towers. The first machines were delivered two months ago.

Amjad Fallatah, the regional product manager for Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment in the Middle East, says: “We would like to congratulate GTE for closing this deal and recognise their wonderful performance during recent months, in which they have set trends and increased the awareness of our portfolio in Kuwait.”

“We are pleased to have them as partner because they are a strong company in the region and closely share our values and objectives,” he added.

 Explaining its key features, Fallatah says because of the harsh conditions that the light towers are likely to operate in, the CPLT V15 LED features a polyethylene canopy that protects vital internal components.

“This ensures peak performance and optimises the light tower’s lifespan and resale value. Not only is the canopy durable, it also features wide wing doors to allow easy maintenance access to the machine, including service components and drains. The light tower also has an environmentally friendly frame that prevents any excess fluid escaping,” he concludes.