Parans lighting solution... for indoors across all sectors

Human-centric lighting solutions from Sweden’s Parans Solar Lighting are now available from Bahri & Mazroei Trading Company (BMTC), a leading provider of electrical, lighting and water solutions in the UAE.

This follows a deal between the two companies under which BMTC will provide end-to-end solutions, including engineering, design, supply, maintenance and distribution of Parans systems in the UAE.

Parans’ system captures and leads sunlight through special fibre optic cables in and through the property – deep into buildings and far away from windows, spreading the light in a truly innovative experience-filled manner.  With no carbon emissions and being 100 per cent natural, the new renewable energy solution is an ideal fit to the green vision of the UAE, which is an ideal environment for the system, according to a spokesman for BMTC, a subsidiary of UAE-based Bahri and Mazroei Group.

Parans’ solutions represent a breakthrough in renewable energy lighting for indoors across all sectors – from homes to commercial establishments, educational institutions and hospitals, he asserts. The system was developed through extensive research and development (R&D) in collaboration with the Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is patented.

Al Mazroei ... innovative solution.

Al Mazroei ... innovative solution.

Esam Al Mazroei, vice-chairman of Bahri & Mazroei Group, says human-centric lighting is devoted to enhance vision, well-being and performance and with the company’s partnership with Parans Solar Lighting, it is better positioned to offer innovative lighting solutions to the UAE, especially those that promote sustainable development.

“With the UAE’s focus on promoting green energy in line with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, there is an increased emphasis on deploying renewable lighting solutions. And Parans’ system stands out for its unique ability to leverage sunlight for deep interiors. It not only ensures energy efficiency for buildings but will also help reduce the carbon footprint,” he adds.

The Parans system has been positively received by consultants, architects and construction and energy sector stakeholders. In addition to energy savings, the system also helps in the well-being of residents. According to estimates, using the system at homes and educational institutions can lead to 26 per cent faster learning among students, while at hospitals, a 41 per cent increase in recovery rate has been noted. In offices, the clean energy environment promotes an increase in productivity of over 18 per cent, as the natural light spectrum is different from that of artificial light, contributing to a positive influence on occupants, says BMTC.

“We are pleased to partner with an established and reputable company as BMTC, which has been in the UAE market for the last 50 years. The company has the expertise and experience to take new technology into the market,” says Fredrik Johansson, senior vice-president sales and marketing at Parans.

According to estimates, the UAE has 3,500 sunlight hours per year compared with only 2,535 hours in New York and 2,592 hours in Sydney.

Bahri & Mazroei Group was established in Dubai in 1968 with the inception of the Bahri and Mazroei Trading Company. Parans Solar Lighting on the other hand has its head office in Gothenburg, Sweden.