Intuitive little helper: The Geberit Control App

The Geberit Control App is set to make life even easier in future for service technicians, facility managers and plumbers: With this intuitive tool, Geberit WC and urinal controls – as well as washbasin taps – can be controlled via Bluetooth and numerous product parameters can be changed quickly and conveniently. No additional devices are necessary, as technicians and plumbers can download the free application in no time on their iPhone or Android smartphone. The app can be used to activate flushes, set flush volumes and operating modes such as cleaning mode, and check the battery status of the control units. What’s more, the app also offers the option of displaying and exporting statistical data, so that the facility manager can analyse and document the use of the sanitary installation in no time at all.


Wide range of communication-enabled products

The new surface-mounted and concealed urinal flush controls complete with user detection via sensor technology in the trap will be launching on July 1, 2022. These controls represent the first product family that is compatible with the new Geberit Control App. From 2022, all Geberit WC and urinal flush controls – as well as washbasin taps – will be communication-enabled as standard, which means that the control can be configured via Bluetooth using the Geberit Control App on a smartphone. All WC and urinal controls – as well as washbasin taps – that were manufactured before 2022 can be retrofitted with the Bluetooth interface by replacing the control.


Compatible with all mobile devices thanks to Bluetooth

The Geberit Control App can be installed on all smartphones running on iOS or Android. Since a Bluetooth interface will be installed as standard in all Geberit sanitary products from 2022, all common smartphones can be used to communicate with Geberit WC and urinal controls – as well as washbasin taps – with no need to purchase or use a Service Handy. This means Geberit’s customers can benefit from modern, convenient and cost-effective communication via the app.


No additional devices necessary: The app lives in your pocket

Up until now, if service technicians wanted to configure the urinals in a sanitary installation, they had to make the settings using their Service Handy. This worked like a TV remote and established an infrared connection to the control unit of the product. From now on, however, service technicians will no longer have to carry an additional device around, as the Geberit Control App can be installed free of charge on any iPhone or Android smartphone. Service technicians used to have to be in the immediate vicinity of the urinal to be able to configure it, but this is no longer necessary, thanks to the range offered by Bluetooth. The Geberit Control App can control every Geberit product in the sanitary room, regardless of where the technician is located in the room.


All at once: Efficient grouping of sanitary products

Until now, service technicians had to control and configure each sanitary product individually using their Service Handy. But with the Geberit Control App, all Geberit products installed in a sanitary room can now be grouped and controlled or configured together. If, for example, a sanitary room is due to be cleaned, the cleaning mode can be applied to the entire group, which deactivates the flush actuation of all urinals in an in-row installation for a defined period of time. This makes for an efficient approach to cleaning a sanitary room. Product-specific settings such as the flush volume can be transferred conveniently and intuitively to other sanitary products via the app.


Testing the Geberit Control App

The free Geberit Control App features a demonstration mode, which makes it possible to simulate various Geberit products and try out the full range of app functions. The demonstration mode can be started at any time and from anywhere.


Reliable and protected sanitary rooms – a system from a single source

The Geberit Control App makes no compromises when it comes to security; all Bluetooth®-capable Geberit products communicate in encrypted form. What’s more, all products can be protected by assigning a password to prevent unauthorised manipulation of the settings. Regular updates ensure that the products are kept up to date with the latest functions and security features, which allows sanitary room operators to benefit from a reliable system from a single source.

A special feature of the Geberit Control App is the ability to transfer permissions to third parties – for example, the sanitary installer can transfer the permission for a configured and password-protected product or product group to the Geberit Control App belonging to the facility manager.


Save costs with rapid operational analysis

The Geberit Control App offers the option of displaying and exporting statistical data such as the number of uses or flush volumes. By simply exporting the statistical data, facility managers can benefit from a contemporary approach to analysing and documenting operations. This makes it possible to not only optimise building management processes and workflows, but also lower costs.  


Geberit ID: Your personal Geberit login

There is no need to register to use the Geberit Control App, although anyone who wants to use the full range of app functions has the option to create a personal Geberit ID following installation. Users with a Geberit ID can, for example, set up the devices with password protection using the Geberit Control App. There are even more advantages to creating a Geberit ID, too; similar to an Apple or Google ID, the Geberit ID opens up access to the Geberit Group’s various applications, meaning users will only need one account and one password in the future. All processes relating to the Geberit ID do, of course, comply with the current data protection guidelines.


Connection to the building service management system

The integrated connectivity of the Geberit WC and urinal controls – as well as washbasin taps – allows them to be configured with the Geberit Control App and enables various Geberit devices to be networked with each other. At the same time, the standard connectivity also facilitates connection to a higher-level system, such as the building service management system. In addition to a wireless interface for local communication, Geberit products also have a wired interface. Both wireless and wired Geberit Connect solutions can be networked with the Geberit Gateway. This is the link between the products and the outside world. Thanks to Geberit Connect solutions, operators can securely access and analyse relevant information at any time, regardless of location. This makes it possible to take a targeted approach to planning cleaning and maintenance work that saves on both costs and time.