Magna Chandelier ... inspired by the beauty of mountains.

Leading international lighting and furniture brand Luxxu has expanded its portfolio of luxury products with a new lighting collection that has been designed to change the way people look at such fixtures.

The Magna collection aims to usher in a new era set in stone with Crystal White – a kind of white stone that is popular for its shiny texture and adds a special glow to this collection – that plays a huge role in its composition, taking it to a whole new level of refinement and elegance, says a spokesman for the Portugal-headquartered company.

The Magna family comprises seven different fixtures, each one inspired by the raw lines and natural textures of mountains. From a statement chandelier to a floor lamp, all Magna designs exude a pendulum-like aesthetic and an elongated trapezium form.

Magna Chandelier is a masterpiece that was inspired by the organic shapes of nature, the beauty and the elevation of mountains. The fixture combines the modern with craftsmanship techniques and features crystal white details in the centre with the glistening metallic frame made of brass. 

Magna I Floor Lamp is inspired by Luxxu’s fascination for raw materials, semi-precious stones and natural textures. It comprises the finest materials such as brass and crystal.

Meanwhile, Magna II Floor Lamp has precise geometric features and brings an exclusive aesthetic with the glow of metallic frame made of brass and the mountain-like centre made of crystal white. 

Magna Suspension, also inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty and elevation of mountains, consists of three unique fixtures with a trapezium-like form. Crystal white was used to offer a conspicuous snow-like display to each composition as well as details of rocky surfaces. The glossy outer frames are highlighted in brass. 

Other members of the collection include Magna Wall Lamp, Magna II Pendant and Magna I Table Lamp.