The WC’s design allows for a 40 per cent faster installation compared to conventional systems.

European sanitary solutions provider Geberit says its innovative WC system delivers a 10 times more powerful flush than standard requirements, thanks to optimised flush geometry and hydraulics. In addition, the WC system’s ingenious design allows for a 40 per cent faster installation compared to conventional cisterns and ceramic appliances.

These WCs boast virtually tool-free installation, simple fastening and clever installation features, both in front of and behind the wall.

A number of features make the system easy to install. These include:

•  Geberit Power and Connect box: This installation set simply clicks into place, making pre-installation and retrofitting of network connections much faster. It is invisible, multifunctional and the basis for a connected bathroom of the future, says a spokesman for Geberit.

•  Geberit’s flush valve: The new type 212 flush valve is even easier to install and replace than previous models, thanks to its slim and compact design.

•  Type EFF-3 (Easy Fast Fix) fastening: This fastening technology makes installing Geberit WC ceramic appliances simple, fast and almost tool-free.

•  Easy WC seat installation: The WC seat is conveniently aligned and fixed from above without a template. In addition, the toggle plug for easy WC seat installation has been further developed to make removing it easy too. It can be taken out completely without parts falling into the ceramic appliance.  This makes installation even easier.

“The WC system ensures an optimal installation experience in front of and behind the wall, while being easy to maintain and upgrade to the very latest standards even after decades,” says the spokesman. “The system is backed by reliable services and spare parts availability.”

The Geberit system is backed by a guarantee of 50 years of spare parts availability on all replaceable mechanical parts of the concealed cistern, except for electronic product functions such as DuoFresh.

The system is easy to upgrade to the latest technical standards, thanks to backward compatibility.

Geberit ensures reliable support through 30 fully-equipped training centres, numerous technical advisers around the world and various support materials such as installation videos, BIM data and catalogues/brochures.

“Geberit adopts a full system approach, developing innovative solutions and product at the cutting edge of technology. The best performance is achieved when the individual elements work together as a system. Optimally coordinated, they meet the highest requirements of installation specialists and bathroom users,” the spokesman concludes.