The 180 ... new modular concept.

Brokk of Sweden has launched a new remote demolition machine on the market that features several enhancements on previous models, including a new modular concept.

"Remote demolition technology continues to make advances with the introduction of the 180 model from Brokk. Developed to handle the toughest jobs, the new machine represents the most powerful demolition platform in its class," says marketing director Lars Holmqvist.

"We have responded to market requests to produce a design that offers the best performance of its class. We have optimised capacity, weight and reach when compared to previous models."

He continues: "The production of the machine is based on a new modular system that makes it easy to adapt to contractor needs. Customers have the opportunity to tailor the Brokk 180 upon ordering it. Range, effect, stability and weight can be altered to suit a specific need. The best thing about the 180 is that it offers the buyer a larger number of applications than any other machine in its class.

"It has also been designed to better suit accessories, particularly heavier tools of up to 230 kg, on the market today. Either a 15 or 18.5 kW electric motor can drive the machine. Control is effected through a digital signalling system transmitted via cable or radio. Its standard weight minus accessories is 1,900 kg with a basic work area radius of 4,550 mm though it can be increased depending on the attachments.

''Brokk's demolition concept employs control systems with its machines providing the platform for a range of tools and accessories that can remove the operator from the dangers of working in confined or hazardous areas. The machines are particularly suited for use in the regeneration and renewal of urban, commercial and industrial environments. They fulfil the need for this work to be carried out in a more precise and safer way while still meeting the basic requirements of cost-effectiveness and profitability for contractors working in this competitive sector.''

The remote demolition approach employed by Brokk is said to offer many benefits for the operator. Operators can work away from danger and the hazards of dust and fumes. In addition to the crucial safety aspects that remote control gives, there is also the added benefit that the electrically-powered range is low noise and non-polluting.

Brokk places particular emphasis on concern for the environment and all machines are developed with environmental concerns in mind. They are designed to have minimum impact on the environment in operation and recent innovations have included the introduction of biodegradable oil for the hydraulic system, for example, according to Holmqvist.

"We have taken the remote demolition concept to new heights," says Holmqvist. "The addition of the 180 provides contractors with greater flexibility, power and capacity and yet environmental awareness, when carrying out demolition work."