The RD 18 ... light and durable.

Rammer recently extended its range of hydraulic demolition attachments with the launch of the RD range of cutter crushers.

Designed to complement the company's RC series, the new range is designed for carriers in the 6 to 35-tonne operating weight class.

"The first of the new RD range is the RD 18. Designed to be as light and durable as possible, the Rammer RD18 weighs just 2,100 kg, yet offers a maximum cutting force of 2,800 kN," says a spokesman for the company. "Key to the power of the RD18 is a new narrow jaw design that allows the unit to be used in applications where operating space is at a premium. These new jaws are designed to produce their maximum crushing force of 1,350 kN when the jaws are fully open, allowing the RD18 to tackle concrete blocks of up to 710 mm in height. Crushing teeth are locked into place mechanically for simple, fast replacement."

The RD 18 cutter crusher also features short 130-mm curved cutting blades set deep in the throat of the jaws to prevent the ingress of concrete, minimising blade wear and extending blade life, he adds. The use of a single hydraulic ram, extensive wear material around the jaws and well-protected hydraulic hoses further enhances the unit's long-term durability.

To ensure that the jaw is in the optimum working position at all times, the RD 18 can rotate through 360 degrees. For enhanced versatility and efficiency, a hydraulic-rotation capability is offered as an option.

Other models in the range are the RD 7, 15 and 32.

Rammer is a part of Sweden's Sandwick Mining and Construction.