Hilti says that its new TE905 demolition breaker is a gentle giant that has brute force, yet is gentle on the operator, by providing considerably lower vibration.

"For those who tremble at the thought of hours of hard chiselling, the new TE 905 may be the answer to their dreams as it offers exceptional chiselling performance but with extremely low vibration," says Steve Kim, product manager at Hilti's Regional Office Near, Middle East and South Asia, located in Dubai, UAE.

He continues: "Real chiselling punch demands the use of considerable power. And such power can be difficult to keep under control. Heavy vibration of the breaker and insert tool not only leaves its mark on the machine, but the operator also suffers.

AVR system

"The TE 905 is different. It does provide extreme chiselling power, but vibration is approximately 50 per cent lower than with comparable machines.

''Its secret is its innovative AVR (active vibration reductions) absorption system in which the hammering mechanism is decoupled from other parts of the machine.

''The result becomes immediately obvious: vibration at the hands and arms is considerably lower, making the machine much less tiring to use. Chiselling productivity increases correspondingly.

Lower vibration also means higher reliability, as mechanical stresses on the motor/electronics and supply cord section of the machine is greatly reduced."

New chisels

To complete the innovative chiselling system, a new range of rugged, high-performance insert tools has been introduced. The new insert tools feature a special hexagonal connection end with six grooves, ensuring trouble-free engagement in the automatic locking mechanism, says Kim.

"The new insert tools can be changed very quickly and easily, and incorporating a longer idle stroke and a chuck impact absorption system has reduced wear at the connection end," he says.

The TE 905 is designed for use on removal and demolition work with concrete, masonry, stone and asphalt.

It has a power input of 1,600 W, a hammering speed under load of 2,200 blows/min, and a chiselling performance of approximately 1,300 cum/min (for a breach in medium-hard concrete).