Following the successful launch of a new range of breakers, Ingersoll-Rand (IR) Portable Power has extended its air-powered tool range with new pickhammers and jackhammers.

"The new tools have been designed to meet a wide range of applications in construction and industry," says an IR spokesman. "Like the breakers, they are also covered by Ingersoll-Rand's free, extended three-year warranty option, providing peace of mind and full parts cover during the warranty."

"The new pickhammers are ideal for demolition and surface preparation applications in construction," he continues. "They are also suitable for metal surface cleaning and other similar tasks in industry found in tank cleaning, maintenance and shutdown work. IR Portable Power is now offering three models, weighing 2, 3 and 5 kg respectively. To complete the line, two pickhammer kits incorporating the 3 and 5-kg models are also available, each kit including a set of chisels for use with the hammers.

"In the area of demolition hammers, the IR brand has been renowned for well over 125 years and the tradition is continued with the launch of two completely new demolition hammers, weighing 9 and 12 kg respectively, with a range of nozzle and retainer options. Designed for medium demolition, refurbishment, concrete surface preparation, metal removal, bridge decking, tile removal and many other applications, they are a powerful addition to any hire or contractor fleet.

"IR is also offering the new 5 kg IR5JS hammer drill for various hole drilling applications in concrete, masonry and stone, including drilling pipe conduits, scarifying concrete and cleaning stone and metal.

"All the new hammers combine an ergonomic D-shaped handle and outside trigger with a strong four-bolt backhead for easy serviceability. The unique ball-valve, tease-throttle design provides excellent control, in both horizontal and vertical applications.

"Completing the current line-up is the 27-kg JH40 jackhammer, the very latest product from the company that invented the world's first jackhammer in 1932. Ideally suited for work in both horizontal and vertical drilling positions, utility work, on construction and demolition projects and in quarries and mines, the jackhammer is adaptable for feed leg and mounting plate applications. A full range of chisels and accessories is again available to complete the line.

"Combined with the market-leading range of IR portable compressors, the new pickhammers and jackhammers form an exciting package from IR Portable Power. As well as chisels and steels, the tools are accompanied by a full range of accessories from IR including clamps, couplings and lubricators. IR has also developed Pro-Tec lubricant specially designed for use with the new tools."

Helene Norman-Dupuy, aftermarket marketing manager at IR Portable Power, says: "The use of air-powered tools offers a number of advantages over electrically-powered tools, including a high power-to-weight ratio, long life, easy maintenance, no burn-out under stall conditions and wet weather capability."

The three-year warranty on all air tools from IR Portable Power complements the industry's first five-year or 10,000 hour warranty on the airend in IR's Platinum series portable compressors from 2.0 to 7.1 cu m/min, according to the spokesman. "All new air tools have a 12-month parts warranty as standard," he says. "The optional warranty extending the cover to three years is automatically available when the tool is registered by completing and returning the warranty registration form within 60 days of purchasing the tool."