The Carpe Diem luminaires ... aim to stimulate and inspire office workers.

Leading electronics giant Philips has recently unveiled a new office lighting concept that brings the dynamics of natural daylight to the office environment.

According to the company, the Carpe Diem luminaire can change the colour and intensity of interior lighting to provide a pleasing, natural lighting rhythm that will stimulate and inspire office workers.
The Philips Carpe Diem concept provides dynamic lighting solutions at both the individual and wider workspace level. With the ‘Personal Light’ solution, each user has the freedom to select a preferred lighting condition using a simple remote control. With ‘Dynamic Ambience’, the light for an entire room can be varied to animate the space. Its reflector provides an even, balanced distribution that means it blends in with its architectural surroundings and appears to hover in the air, explains Niels van Duinen, luminaires manager, Philips Lighting, Middle East.
“In-depth studies have revealed that colour and light affects people’s moods. This new concept means that the same office space can be a quiet zone for reflection and concentration or can become a zone for ‘full-on’ communication,” he adds.
The luminaire was displayed at the Phillips’ stand at the Cityscape last year, where visitors were able to experience this new lighting solution by stepping into an interactive lighting pod with an audio-visual presentation and a demonstration of the lighting changes an office user would experience throughout the day.