HKS' shear cutters.

Germany-based HKS claims that its recent innovations in the field of demolition technology will not only bring enormous savings to users, but will also put to rest several environmental concerns.

“Together with our partners, we develop innovative solutions for customer-specific applications. With our scrap-shears and concrete-pulverisers, economy and ecology go hand in hand with each other,” says a company spokesman.
HKS supplies hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical components and systems, whose operation saves labour costs and avoids atmospheric pollution caused by combustion gas emissions and dust during the demolition process, he says.
“The almost sound- and vibration-less mode of operation makes it possible to use our products even close to social and medical institutions such as hospitals and retirement homes.
The equipment from HKS’ stable offers a range of uses that includes: demolition of ceiling, walls, pillars, pulverisation and separation of concrete and reinforcement materials. The optimised shape of the shear-mouth allows even the transport of cumbersome shaped demolition material.

Concrete crushers
The series C of concrete crushers from HKS have all the necessary features required to work profitably and in line with market requirements. Used for demolishing concrete or brickwork, for cutting of reinforced concrete and for separating demolished material, the crushers can be used to demolish reinforced concrete walls, floors, beams, casings or foundations – with no vibration and with low noise pollution or dust nuisance, the spokesman points out.
The crushers can easily cut reinforced concrete with the shears integrated into the top part of the crushing arm, thus avoiding the dangerous and polluting cutting of reinforced concrete, steel beams, pipes and other profiles with a cutting torch, he says.
“This shears is formed from two long shear blades in the standard model and every crushing arm is equipped with two replaceable crushing teeth in the lower and centre parts, since this is where the concrete is crushed,” he says.
“The shear cutters, which have two cutting edges, can be used two times before being replaced with new cutters – thereby giving it a very low down time.”
All C Series concrete crushers are equipped with a hydraulic rotary actuator with 360 degrees continuous rotation, which allows easy positioning from the driver’s cabin into every feasible working position – allowing faster work, he adds.
The hydraulic rotary actuator is protected with a double-acting pressure limiting valve and two hydraulic accumulators, so that the excavator’s jib cannot be damaged by torsion.
The crushing force of the concrete crusher is provided by a hydraulic cylinder, which is reverse installed and equipped with two swivel bearings. The oil is supplied through the piston rod.
A special feature of this hydraulic cylinder is that the cylinder tube moves out while the piston rod stays in the casing and is therefore optimally protected from damage.

The mobile hydraulic demolition and scrap shears from HKS – used in the demolition, disposal and recycling business – are the ideal extrusion tools for scrap processing, says the spokesman.
The shears are designed to be used with any type of hydraulic excavator for: wrecking of steel structures; processing of industrial- and mixed scrap; and cutting of cables, steel wires and railway rails.
“The shears can also be used in concrete demolition including the cutting of reinforcements. By arranging the shear blades at an angle of 45 degrees to each other, material on the ground can be grasped easily and cut in one step. The fixed shears jaw has a material support and together with the positive guide on the moveable jaw, gives a clean cut.
“HKS demolition and scrap shears are designed taking into consideration all relevant safety precautions,” he concludes.