Indeco's pulverisers in action.

On the heels of launching what it describes as the best hydraulic breakers on the market, Italian manufacturer of demolition equipment  Indeco has introduced a new range of hydraulic pulverisers.

The pulverisers – produced using Indeco’s advanced technological know-how and created with the excellent quality standards already used for making breakers – are designed to crush reinforced concrete structures and materials on the ground, enabling the user to separate out the concrete from the steel rods, says a company spokesman.
He continues: “All of this makes it possible to recycle the demolished materials at a later stage. The innovative design, together with the huge opening of the two jaws and the powerful hydraulic system, make Indeco pulverisers outstandingly productive and extremely versatile, both in secondary demolitions on the ground and in primary demolitions of floors and pavements, external walls and low vertical structures.
One of the benefits of Indeco pulverisers is their hydraulic system with its ‘regeneration valve’, which allows the mobile jaw to snap shut, enabling all of the force available to be applied for crushing the material.
“This system speeds up the cycle of opening and closing the jaws, thus improving productivity,” says the spokesman.
“Indeco pulverisers will also be able to regulate the distance between the cutters located inside the jaws, so that the steel rods inside reinforced concrete can be cut more efficiently. Through the use of the technologically-advanced materials for manufacturing the pulverisers, Indeco has specifically designed its products for top resistance and to withstand high levels of wear and abrasion.
“We are applying the same construction quality to this new range of products that we have always done with our famous breakers,” says the spokesman. “This quality derives from a philosophy which has enabled us over the years to gain prestigious international recognition and to achieve our lifelong ambition: to produce and sell technologically innovative products with excellent reliability and working lives, with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of the market, and with the best possible ratio between overall product quality and price; all of this is due in no small way to the skills of our organisation and our sales network, which now reaches the furthest corners of the globe.”

Rotating hydraulic pulverisers
Available in three different sizes, IRP 850, IRP 1000 and IRP 1250 – designed for excavators between 19 and 50 tonnes – the new Indeco rotating hydraulic pulverisers are ideal for primary demolition of buildings, vertical structures, flooring, ceilings and outside walls, he says.
“This is due to their ability to rotate continuously through 360 degrees, which ensures that the material can be held firmly in the pulveriser’s jaws, and makes it easier to carry out demolition in any conditions. Just like fixed pulverisers, they can be used to great effect for the secondary demolition of reinforced concrete materials on the ground, after separating the concrete from the steel rods and other metal and non-metal structures.
“The rotating pulverisers, too, have a hydraulic system with a regeneration valve, enabling the movable jaw to close more quickly under no-load conditions. The distance between the cutters located inside the jaws can be regulated, so that steel rods inside reinforced concrete can be cut more efficiently.
“The main characteristic of the new Indeco pulverisers is their slim design, which makes them easier to handle and also enables the hydraulic energy to be most efficiently applied to demolition. Most of the pulverisers on the market today show a huge variation in the force between the beginning (maximum opening) and the end (minimum opening), making jobs take longer and increasing the stress transmitted to the excavator. By contrast, the unique shape of Indeco pulverisers was the result of applied research into achieving the smallest possible difference between the maximum and minimum openings, which thus leads to greater efficiency in the demolition job,” the spokesman says.
Established in 1976, Indeco has right from the outset, set its sights on the international market, aiming to become a leading brand in the global demolition sector. Predicting and reacting quickly to the needs of the marketplace has been an active company policy, a process made possible by the sales network and by the skills of the research and development team.
Indeco was the first manufacturer to bring out the concept of the intelligent breaker, back in 1986, says the spokesman. Research is being carried out all the time into hydraulic systems, materials, heat treatments and accessories.
“One of the key features underlying all our R&D work is excellence, which has always been at the heart of our international corporate-development strategy,” says the spokesman.