Dramatic solutions

New ceiling light concept by Foibos.

Foibos Middle East is looking to create a revolution in the light-fitting sector by offering innovative concepts that marry highly artistic glass with lighting to produce dramatic effects.

“We are currently promoting our three innovative concepts – Art of Light, Art of Glass and the Architecture of Glass – to interior designers and architects working on high-profile projects in the Middle East that demand an exclusive selection of light fittings,” says Milan Spiller, regional director.
Foibos Middle East – a Czech Republic-based lighting specialist company that set up its office in Bahrain two years ago – intends to transcend beyond the usual to offer unique concepts such as illuminated glass ceilings and chandeliers, “which are not really chandeliers”.
Citing an example, Spiller explains: “Our illuminated glass ceilings are created by using multiple layers of fused molten sheet glass. The layers of glass have different colours and contours.
“An interesting element of the system is the layer of plastic film which is incorporated within the glass in order to eliminate the risk of shattering, thus enhancing the safety of the fitting. The glass segments contain bubbles, crackles, glass dust and granules, thus resulting in a unique masterpiece.”
Having carried out a number of projects for the ruling families in the region, Foibos Middle East is currently negotiating on a number of hospitality and luxury projects in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait “where architects, designers and clients are eager to translate some of their unique plans into reality”, says Spiller
“Our main focus is on high-profile buildings such as multi-storey residential buildings with lobbies and exclusive areas, hotels, government projects and luxury private residences in the region, which can provide us an opportunity to show our clients the virtually unlimited possibilities for art and architectural designs that ordinary materials such as glass and metal can offer,” adds Spiller.
Foibos Middle East’s ultimate aim is to coordinate the design, supply and installation of solutions for exclusive residential and commercial premises. “These can include using unique decorative light fittings combined with decorated columns and LED sources to reflect the essence of the project,” he says.
Foibos Middle East intends to go the extra mile in convincing its potential clients of the superior quality of its products and the workmanship involved.
“Having impressed the client or partner with our initial presentation, we then invite them to our glass workshops in the Czech Republic, to see for themselves the vast range and variety of effects and designs created with Czech glass.
“We also invite architects and interior designers directly involved in the projects, so that they can realise for themselves the high level of craftsmanship and uniqueness of raw materials and technique of processing involved in producing these exclusive glass creations.
Established in 1992, Foibos employs designers and artists who specialize in creating glass architecture, which enhances the ambiance and create a sense of spaciousness.
“Making optimum use of glass, they create masterpieces that accentuate the unique qualities of glass with regard to its transparency, translucency, reflectivity, and colour,” he adds.
“Our designers and glass makers at our base in Bohemia continue to fine-tune their techniques of manufacturing exclusive mould-melted glass, blown-glass, re-melting crushed glass, fused glass, glass bricks and stained “cathedral” among others.
Foibos’ art director is Jiri Suhajek, a designer and glassmaker who started glass sculpting in the late 1960s.