Pure bulb promises

Riyadh-based Power Source Trading Establishment (PSTE), a leading distributor of electrical and mechanical products, is promoting in the region a negative-ion-emitting and energy-saving light bulb, known as Pure, produced in Malaysia, as a creative alternative to traditional bulbs.

“Pure light bulbs are similar in appearance to traditional bulbs, but when it comes to a comparison of properties, they are unique,” says a spokesman for PSTE. “They emit high quantities of negative ions, which have proven to be useful in providing increased vigour and a general feeling of well-being, by making the air cleaner and more pleasant. The second important property of these bulbs is that they are 80 per cent more efficient in terms of energy consumption, compared to conventional bulbs.”
The Pure light bulb is based on revolutionary research that combines sophisticated technology with innovative ideas. It comprises a fluorescent bulb in a standard screw-in format incorporating a revolutionary negative-ion emitter, explains the spokesman.
“Pure light bulbs help in purifying the polluted air around by emitting negative ions. These negative ions charge airborne particles that then tend to clump together and become heavy enough to drop to the ground, thus removing the pollutants from the air and leaving behind cleaner air for us to breathe,” he says.
The spokesman continues: “Ionising does not physically remove the dust, but removes it from the ambient air. Ionisation can be an integral part of a good housekeeping programme that includes vacuuming or sweeping to collect and remove the pollutant.
“Scientific studies have shown that an atmosphere charged with negative ions relieves hay fever and asthma symptoms, seasonal depression, fatigue and headaches. It has also been shown that a negatively ionised environment increases work capacity and sharpens the mind.
“People are aware that clean air is crucial to our health. However, many focus more on the quality of outdoor air, even though pollution levels can be 70 times higher inside the home than outside. Given that most homes and buildings are now constructed airtight, pollutants are trapped inside where people spend at least 70 per cent of the time.
“The normal ion count in fresh countryside air is about 5,000 negative ions per cu cm and near the waterfalls, it is up to 100,000 negative ions per cu cm, whereas the level is well below 100 per cu cm on the streets in cities. Pure bulbs are designed to emit about 3 million ions per cu cm. Negative ions in the air vitalise our body, stabilise the nervous system, and reduce stress hormones and mood swings.”
The negative ions emitted by Pure light bulbs remove dust, bacteria, cigarette smoke, offensive odours and positive ions generated by electrical devices, thus creating an environment that promotes healthier living, he adds.
Each light bulb has a life span of up to 10,000 hours and an illumination area of 10 m, thus bring about cost and energy savings for the consumer, he adds. The bulbs can be widely used in offices, homes, hotels, complexes, departmental stores and other public places.
Power Source Trading Establishment is a leading distributor of electrical equipment such as transformers, substations, switchgears, lighting, cable and generators. It also supplies mechanical equipment including heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), instrumentation and pumps from leading international companies.