The new hammer ... reliable.

Leading construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has launched the H65D hydraulic hammer, which replaces the existing H63 and H63s models and includes a variety of invaluable features and new components designed to improve productivity and reduce the likelihood of downtime.

“The release of the H65Ds hammer is an extension of the successful line of D-series hammers designed with the customer's satisfaction in mind. We are pleased that our new hammer adds more productivity value to cater to the needs of our customers,” says Jan Willem van den Brand, commercial manager of Caterpillar Impact Products.
The H65Ds includes a number of new and improved features designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime such as simplified design, improved performance, silenced, integral mounting arrangement, wider carriage range.

Simplified design
The H65Ds hammer has been produced with a focus on reliability and ease of serviceability. The H65Ds was designed, utilising six sigma tools, with an astonishing 40 per cent reduction of parts used in the hammer compared to the H63s, which means that hammer disassembly and rebuild times have been reduced by almost half.
The lower and upper bushings and thrust ring have all been incorporated in a three-in-one service part which allows easy access and visibility of the entire tool guidance system for quick inspection in the field, without the need to send the hammer to a specialist repair centre, says a spokesman for the company. The check-in/check-out procedure for rental stores is simplified as all core wear components can be changed in a matter of minutes without the need for special tooling.
“The design of the power-cell eliminates the need for tie-rods. This single-piece design is more resistant to bending and prying forces compared to the three-piece body section of the H63/H63s hammer, limiting the possibility of piston/cylinder misalignment. The hammer has a six-piece isolation system to isolate the power cell and hammer housing for carrier protection and operator comfort against mechanical vibrations being transmitted to the carrier,” he explains.
The fully enclosed housing with smooth contours to match Caterpillar machine aesthetics does not have protrusions that can catch on materials in the worksite.

Improved performance
The spokesman continues: “The performance of the H65Ds hammer sets it apart from other hammers in the 270 kg weight range and puts it in a class of its own. Both the oil acceptance range and operating pressure have been increased, which results in an overall 15 per cent improvement in productivity compared to the H63/H63s hammer.
When at work, the H65Ds hammer is silenced as standard for greater operator comfort and environmental protection with a LWA noise level reduction of two decibels compared to the H63s and 13 decibels compared to the H63.
The hammer comes complete with mounting groups for 303 CCR, 303.5 CCR, 304 CCR, 305 CCR machines and Caterpillar pin grabber quick couplers, thus eliminating the need for a mounting bracket for these machines. For machines with a dedicated CW quick coupler, or skid-steer and multi-terrain loaders, mounting adaptor plates are also available.
The hammer has a wide oil flow range for use with these machines as well as an expanded range of non-Caterpillar branded carriers.
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