Mood Light ... from Belight.

Belight, a part of Al Aqili Furnishings, displayed an extensive collection of functional high-design architectural lighting products and solutions at Light Middle East 2007 in Dubai last month.

The company's latest residential, commercial and architectural lighting products were showcased in one of the largest stands at the exhibition, where demos to display the newest design and installation techniques were also held.
"Extensive research has been done by our suppliers to address emerging trends such as environmental impact, energy conservation and the use of technologically-advanced lighting systems," says Rudie Hoess, general manager of Belight.
"These efforts have resulted in the reduction of products that emit incandescent light (yellow light), where 80 per cent of the energy used to power it is wasted on unwanted heat emission. This problem has been overcome with the use of alternative light solutions such as LEDs (light emitting diodes) lighting and intensive light (white light) products that are more energy efficient, produce very little heat and can be integrated into technologically-advanced systems with ease," he adds.
Belight offers intelligent lighting products, controlled by computers and micro-processors, which can be integrated into any project. Here the intensity and colour of the light can be controlled to provide the perfect ambiance. Software used in the advanced systems to create light settings that will automatically change depending on the programming, or can be adjusted manually through control devices, he says.
Among the latest systems available from Belight is the 'Light Space' system, which is capable of changing the internal dynamics of a room by projecting light-controlled virtual space. This new technology is a fusion of architecture and lighting science and works by projecting external scenes such as landscapes and skylines within the room, subsequently creating a seemingly endless space.
The industry now recognized the integral role played by light in enhancing any space or area. It can be used to emphasise architectural features and hide undesired sections, whilst increasing the functionality of any space.  As both colour and temperature affect the ambience of a space, today's advanced lighting systems make it possible to alter the atmosphere of a room by changing the colour of the lighting to have the same effect as re-decorating a room with art or static colour using paint, without high heat emissions that have been traditionally associated with light
"We are no longer restricted as light solutions can be used to change the mood of a room instantly to suit any and all tastes," Hoess points out.