Ramsey's new Grad-Line SGIII level control system is described as the most advanced grade and slope control system available today. It combines the latest microprocessor technologies with state-of-the-art sonic and time-proven mechanical controls, according to Laura Bruce, a spokesperson for the US-based manufacturer.

She elaborates: "At the heart of the system is the new Grad-Line Universal Sonic Sensor (GUSS), which can be used for grade or auger control. Even the cables are completely interchangeable between grade and auger systems. GUSS uses digital communications, state-of-the-art sonic technology, and the latest surface mount components to provide the most reliable, accurate, and smallest sonic grade sensor available anywhere. This minimises physical damage from obstructions and reduces bracket size. The exclusive built-in diagnostics LED lets any problems be quickly identified so the job gets done on schedule.

"With its new LCD display and stainless steel keypad, the GSIII is built to survive the harsh environment of daily use on an asphalt paver. The GSIII System consists of two controllers at the screed, two remote sonic sensors for grade control, a slope sensor, and the new G196 mechanical sensor for stringline use. It also comes with new quick-release brackets designed for simplicity and everyday use, which can be easily mounted to any brand of paver."

Ramsey, a Thermo Sentron Company, is a major manufacturer of industrial weighing, monitoring and control equipment and specialises in process instrumentation and automatic control. Ramsey markets its products worldwide to industries such as food processing, packaging, mining, minerals processing, construction equipment and power generation.